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9 ingenious kitchen tricks that’ll save you money

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 Home improvements, insurance, loans and the costs of running a car: sometimes it seems as if our lives become more expensive and expensive, so most of us feel the need to cut costs and save a little extra.

 However, there are a lot of ways to save money; we just need to be a little more creative.With this in mind, today we have prepared a collection of nine unusual tips on how to save money in the kitchen. Let’s get started…

1. Cut down on cleaning products

 Kitchen detergents can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be his way. Instead of buying lots of different products for different surfaces, purchase one universal household cleaner and save a little money. Alternatively, homemade remedies sometimes work better than the many cleaners from the supermarket.

2. Keep the kitchen organised and don’t waste food

 If chaos prevails in cabinets or drawers, we can hardly distinguish fresh from old food.

 In the back of the cupboards there can be a multitude of products that have long passed their expiration date; which of course means we end up purchasing more. With a well-organised kitchen system and not too many products in the cabinet we can avoid this problem. By the way, this principle also applies to refrigerators and freezers.

​3. Eat at home

We love the weekly visits to restaurant or the fast food chain just around the corner, but this is a huge expense that could be avoided.  Our bodies will thank us as well as our wallets!

​4. Buy locally sourced products

Locally sourced products are not only cheaper, but also fresher and much better for the environment. Many foods circumnavigate the world before they reach our supermarket shelves, and this increases their cost as well as harming the environment.

​5. Kitchen accessories

We all spend a lot of money on kitchen accessories – some necessary, and some unnecessary. We could try a little DIY and perhaps make some ourselves. Or, alternatively try shopping at flea markets; you may find charming items for far less money.

​6. Cut down on coffee expense

 Make your own morning coffee with a grinder, percolator and beans. Coffee bought from a shop is sold at twenty times its actual cost, and ‘coffee to go’ products are low quality and high cost.

​7. Replace old equipment

This may seem counterintuitive if you’re trying to save money, but old appliances like refrigerators or hotplates consume a lot of electricity, so it would be better in the long run to replace them with more efficient appliances.

​8. Grow your own herbs

Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby chris+ruby KitchenCabinets & shelves

Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby


Those of us who have grown herbs on the windowsill know what a great feeling it is to smell fresh herbs, work with them and reap them. Plus, you can always freeze the harvested herbs for when you need them later.

​9. A way to conserve money

Make your own jams and preserves; not only will it save you money, but they’ll be healthier as they’re free from preservatives. Our tip: If you have made too much, bind a nice bow around the bottle and label it to make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift.

Read on for more money-saving tips!

Translated from an article by Simlone Orlik.

Have you got any great ideas for cutting costs in the kitchen? If so let us know in the comments below!

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