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An amazing home of Mediterranean minimalism

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 Today we’re taking a trip to Mexico, to tour a truly unique home that’s an amazing blend of Mediterranean style and modern minimalism.

 The architects, Cervera Sanchez, have created an astonishing space that’s hard to define; taking inspiration from different styles to produce a home that is in itself a work of art!

 Let’s take a look…

​A misleading façade

 The home’s humble façade reveals very little of the intriguing abode beyond. Although perfectly pleasant in appearance, the baby blue building could easily be bypassed as another unremarkable structure.

​The intriguing interior

 Inside is a different story altogether! The elegant hallway has an almost theatrical quality, and a minimalist Mediterranean style with a unique character.

 The abundance of artwork on the walls – composed of colours that compliment that of the door and windows – in conjunction with the lighting that plays off the room’s corners gives one the sense that we’re actually in an art gallery rather than a home.

​A secret garden

 There are more surprises in store, as venturing further into the home reveals a courtyard space with a garden inside! This unconventional aspect of the home’s design adds an entirely new dimension to the space and helps to establish the home’s unique character.

​Beguiling tiles

 The kitchen’s furnishings consist of a single counter forming a centre island, but both the counter and the wall behind are adorned with colourful tiles that combine with a few well-placed art pieces to infuse the vast, minimalist space with life and colour.

 The kitchen is separated from the courtyard space by floor-to-ceiling glass panes allowing light to permeate through the entire home.

​A very different dining room

 The dining room’s unique composition makes it appear as if it could be an art instillation! The vast space of double-height ceilings is adjacent to another open courtyard area, and as with the kitchen they’re separated by panes of glass. The furnishings are minimalist – even lacking chairs – but the floor has been festooned with fantastic tiles featuring intricate patterns.

​Enviable outdoor space

 As if the home were not impressive enough already, there’s a sizable swimming pool outside! Not only that, but a rooftop terrace above to boot.

 We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of this extraordinary abode; if you’re in the mood for more marvelous Mediterranean style design then take a look at this beautiful modern Mediterranean home.

They built a home away from home right in the back yard!
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What are your thoughts on this one of a kind home? Let us know in the comments below!
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