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A young family's space-saving apartment

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Archifacturing Modern style bedroom
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Get your suitcase ready folks, we’re heading to Rome! Today we’re going to take a tour of an interesting and wonderfully space-optimised apartment. Compact and well designed, this dwelling boasts approximately 120m² of characterful home, with spectacular views over the ex Mira Lanza factory. Opened in the early 1920s, the large warehouse now houses a contemporary museum, and provides a fascinating juxtaposition of scenery against the domes of the surrounding churches.

Replete with a range of innovative storage solutions and charming fixtures, this Archifacturing-designed residence is creative and original. Would you like to check out the bold and impressive abode? Read on below and learn more!

Making the most of every corner, nook and crevice

Our first vantage of this home gives us an immediate idea of the storage and innovation within the dwelling. As we peer from the living room into the home workspace, we see that the entire space is set atop a platform. Raising the floor in this way provides ample storage for the dwelling, while ensuring everything remains neat, tidy and orderly.

Additionally, this workspace is separated from the rest of the open plan space thanks to a geometric glazed divider wall. This wall allows light to pass through easily, while ensuring those studying or at work have privacy.

The cosy living room

Stepping back slightly we are able to observe the living quarters in more detail. Cosy and inviting, the décor is a combination of industrial elements, traditional furniture and interesting antiques. With hints of rustic comfort throughout, this is a brilliant use of space that works towards warmth, calm and clutter free living.

The fabulous dining area

The dining room is undoubtedly one of the coolest and most chic rooms within this residence. Spacious, eclectic and engaging, the décor takes its cues from different eras and genres, ensuring it refrains from any sense of boredom.

To the left we see the industrial concrete pillars, softened by the chestnut timber flooring, and highlighted by the art-adorned feature wall.

Dramatic and characterful cooking zone

Truly unique and interesting, designers have opted to include many different and engaging elements within this cooking space. Most noticeably is the vintage blue cupboard that sits directly opposite the contemporary stove and joinery. This juxtaposition adds character and charisma to the room, separated by a country style dining set with a sleek white marble top.

For added charm the kitchen encompasses chalkboard walls, which are perfect for kids to get creative, adults to jot down essentials, and for the room to be customised time and time again. Finally, the a departure from the timber flooring allows the inclusion of this matte black floor, which is a low-maintenance and enduring choice for such a high-traffic household spot.

A space-optimised bedroom

Space has been optimised within the bedroom in several different ways. Firstly and most noticeably, a giant freestanding mirror has been placed opposite the bed. This immediately enlarges the space, increasing its perceived roominess. Working in conjunction with the mirror, the dark brown feature wall adds depth, while lighting is added carefully by the window to illuminate and enlarge the area.

The nursery

The child’s room is no less stylish and although the room is somewhat large, the designers have managed to keep the space feeling welcoming and playful. A combination playroom and sleeping area, this nursery ticks all the boxes with its unique art, chic furniture and wonderful array of toys.

Bold bathing

Last up, we head into the bathroom. A very luxurious setup, this bold design combines dark slate hued tiles, along with contrasting crisp white tones that work perfectly together. With a full size tub, entry-level shower and huge basin, this is great use of space, and one to emulate in your own home!

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