6 compact apartments that teach you how to strategically save space

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Who says that if you live in a single-family home that you can only look to other single-family homes for design inspiration? Interior design, interior architecture and architecture can all be applied across multiple platforms and that's what we're hoping to show you with this great and nifty article. The homes (apartments) listed below might be seen as too small for the average homeowner, but despite that, they're multifunctional nature is something we can all look to when desinging our own homes! The professionals in this article have demonstrated a keen eye for both details and aesthetics, and you'll understand how each plan works, the more you look at it from different angles—which we've also provided below!

1. Recognise the importance of niches

Niches come in all shapes, sizes and type—respect them as they are and see them for all the opportunities they offer you. Whether it's a compact kitchen, a utility area for laundry, or a great storage system, these niches should be used!

Here's another great niche, used as a makeshift headboard. By simply rearranging the bed and adding simple triple shelves, this niche now provides a comforting and private sleeping area. 

2. Platforms

Found commonly in smaller homes with angled ceilings (like seen here) a platform is a great way to distinguish between spaces in open-concept and studio-type homes. 

Did you see that coming? Once you pull away the couch, the under-bed flooring opens up to store just about all the clothing you could possibly need!

3. Use every square centimeter

This is a great studio home where the small area has a large kitchen and dining room area, a private area for the bathroom and the niche has been used as a highlighted bookshelf features. The right lighting goes a long way when it comes to interiors!

The view from a different area even shows you the loft space! By using stark white and grays, this home has expanded to look nearly double in size! To make a space look even larger, continue the use of stark white paint up to the ceilings as well.

4. Take advance of every angle

The Kitchenette Urban Shaastra Kitchen
Urban Shaastra

The Kitchenette

Urban Shaastra

This modular looking apartment is a great demonstration of how to use right angles, modern edges and multifunctional furnishings. 

The Staircase - 1 Urban Shaastra Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs
Urban Shaastra

The Staircase—1

Urban Shaastra

Here is a portrait view of the wonderful storage system that has been created for the under-stair area. With the white colour and sleek, pull-out doors, you hardly notice it's there in this seamless design.

5. From a different point fo view

This apartment is ideal for singles and couples—it's spacious enough just for two and provides a light, neutral colour palette which opens it up to feel welcoming and inviting for small get-togethers.

This kitchen doubles as a partition to provide some privacy for the bed area, which we love. The cabinets are painted the same colours as the walls and the countertop continues the use of wood from the flooring, making this design fit right in perfectly. 

Here's a great angle of the alcove that was created for the bed. As you can see, without this parition, the bed would be right out in the open with little, to no, privacy. 

6. Compact housing

This wide-angle shot shows an exemplary demonstration of compact—yet open-concept living. The loft acts as a bedroom, providing lots of privacy and even a great spiral staircase which can be seen from the bottom floor. Everything here is white including the furnishings, giving it an uber modern and sophisticated look!

For more modern, compact home design, check out this great article!

We're you "wowed" by these great and unique apartments? Which one is your favourite? Tell us below!

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