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7 simple tricks to make your bathroom look like a five star hotel!

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There's nothing more luxurious than staying in a fancy hotel, where every detail is aimed towards your comfort and enjoyment, so why not do the same thing in your own home? You deserve the best, so treat yourself by decorating your bathroom as if you've paid top dollar just to spend a night there! As a matter of fact you can make most of these changes for about the same price as a night in a hotel. That's why today we're looking at 7 simple tricks that will magically transform your bathroom so that it looks like the pinnacle of opulence.

There's lots of different ways to do this, and it's not about the style you choose, but rather the approach to decorating. Each of the bathrooms we're going to look at is unique in its own way, so you're sure to find a style you like, but the one thing they all have in common is a dedication to comfort and personal pampering.

1. A stone basin

Natural materials have a rustic but sophisticated aesthetic, especially when combined with fabulous vintage accessories like this restored mirror and antique chair. This heavy timber bathroom counter features a large stone basin that looks just magnificent, and will give your home an injection of instant class.

2. Recessed lighting

A large mirror is an absolute must for any bathroom to ensure you're always looking your best, but to really put it over the edge into the realm of pure luxury try recessed lighting behind the mirror. This will cast a gentle glow over the bathroom without being too blinding or overwhelming.

3. Bed and breakfast

For a shabby chic look that will make your bathroom look like it's in a quaint bed and breakfast use timber to decorate your bathroom. The natural variation in hue and texture will add interest to your decor, and the timber panels combined with the stone counter here are really homely and comforting.

4. Tropical theme

To make it feel like you're on summer holiday every time you enter the bathroom try using a tropical theme with lots of vibrant greenery and timber. This wooden sink is a really unique feature that will set your home apart and lift your spirits!

5. A personal hot tub

Light filtering into the Master Bathroom studio XS Modern style bathrooms
studio XS

Light filtering into the Master Bathroom

studio XS

If you really want to pamper yourself then you can't go past a hot tub bath. It's certainly a treat, but these days there's a lot of options available, so you're sure to find one that fits your decor and your budget. Take your bathroom to the next level with a spa pool, we promise you won't regret it!

6. A bathroom garden

This may be the most fantastic idea for a bathroom that we've ever seen; the bathroom opens up to a private garden! Privacy is maintained with high walls, allowing full wall windows to look onto the garden from inside, but the best feature? An outdoor bath of course! Outdoor baths are a fabulous way to spend an evening, because even in winter you'll be toasty and warm.

7. Beautiful tile mosaics

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London Drummonds Bathrooms Mediterranean style bathrooms Tiles
Drummonds Bathrooms

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London

Drummonds Bathrooms

For a really exciting and interesting bathroom try using floor to ceiling tile mosaics that fill your home with colour and dynamic patterns. The steel bath reflects the pattern, while a massive mirror bounces light around and doubles our perception of the size of the bathroom, making this huge room feel even more spacious! You'll feel like you have a Turkish bathhouse in your own home with this fantastic design!

The most important consideration when trying to make your bathroom feel like a hotel is comfort, so make sure that your decor is tailored to your personal tastes and preferences and we're sure it will look fantastic! For more great tips, check out this article on simple changes you can make to your home to make you fall in love again!

Which of these ideas do you want to try out? Let us know in the comments!
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