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Kitchens with island: 10 fantastic ideas!

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Enrique Cabrera Arquitecto Modern style kitchen
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Kitchen islands over the past few decades have witnessed a huge surge in their popularity. Apart from being visually spectacular, they create a feeling of spaciousness in the kitchen, provide better space utilization and are easily integrated into their surrounding ambiance. Owing to these features, they have become one of the most highly sought after elements in modern day kitchens all over the world!

Traditionally, kitchens have been the space around which the daily activities of a family unfold. It is not only the space for everyday nourishment but also where family bonds grow deeper.  Thanks to its multifunctional design, an island takes this a step further by allowing more family members to participate in various activities at the same time.  

Further to this, having an island allows you the flexibility to use the space as a bar, breakfast table, workspace, and if you are in the mood to indulge yourself, even to enjoy a glass of wine!

Excited to know more? Let's a look at few of the best kitchen islands that we have chosen for you!

1. Organic harmony

Undoubtedly, the protagonist of this kitchen is the granite- noble as well as resistant. The idea of architect Enrique Cabrera was to make the most of the natural lighting for which the walls and slabs were washed in shades of white. The use of granite, without a doubt, will elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen, while at the same time integrate harmoniously with the rest of the furniture. Another benefit of this beautiful stone is that it is easy to maintain and clean. So cook without fear!

2. Modern

E2 KITCHEN arQing Kitchen



Lighting design is critical to any aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning kitchen. Working island owing to their nature of use, should typically be well lit for the best user experience. Hence, we strongly recommend you to install a light source directly above it.

In this kitchen, designers arQing have installed three rows of sleek light fixtures to ensure optimum illumination and avoid unwanted dark spots in the working space. 

To give the kitchen a modern look, the faucet and storage cabinets are illuminated with spotlights installed on recessed ceiling tracks, while the island is illuminated by three sleek aluminum pendants.

3. Original elements

If the island of your kitchen is going to be your cooking space, then it is essential that you must have a good extractor hood. In this kitchen, Interior Designer Citlali Villareal uses this simple steel cylindrical form to create a functional hood and at the same time a sleek design element for the Kitchen.

4. With a touch of colour

You can turn your kitchen into the happiest place in the house! Being a place of coexistence with family and friends, a kitchen with vivid color touches makes a lot of sense. Red used in excess can be overwhelming. Hence, Micheas Arquitectos use only a dash of this vibrant tone to contrast with surrounding black and white furniture, thus creating a sense of dynamism and joy in the space. In this island, we can also appreciate the multiple storage spaces that you can efficiently utilize to stack your cookbooks.

5. Unlimited!

This kitchen is designed to achieve seamless integration with its surroundings. The black and steel tones of the furniture give an elegant touch of sophistication, while the wood manages to cozily envelop us in its comfort. The white walls and ceilings provide a neutral backdrop to enhance the dynamic setting of the island.

Perhaps the most striking feature by Sobrado Ugalde Arquitectos is their dramatic backlighting that imparts a surreal warmth and breathes life into the heavy wooden flooring.

6. Fusion of spaces

This monochromatic kitchen with a minimalist ambiance creates the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. 

Designers Grupo Arquidec have combined innovative finishes such as granite for work shelves, marble for floor and wood for kitchen furniture. 

This kitchen is also a splendid example of how islands can be efficiently integrated to compliment its surroundings. Further, the combined dining area and the adjacent terrace creates a beautiful setting to avoid the feeling of being isolated while cooking.

7. The small details

Simple lines and plain cabinets dictate the pattern of design in this minimalist kitchen. Created by Grupo Arquitectura and owned by Casa Basáltica, this kitchen was designed keeping in mind clean design elements with minimum visual distractions. 

Apart from the aesthetics, the creators of this project also focused on enhancing resource efficiency and design sustainability by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. To cite one example, the water here is 100% recyclable!

8. Flowing spaces

If you have a great space, congratulations, the amenities also grow! Placing an island in the center of the kitchen will give you a bigger field of action since you will be able to move more easily.

An arrangement of this sorts will allow you for large storage spaces, thus giving an open feel to your kitchen. The design of BR Arquitectos plays with materials such as wood for the roofing elements and steel finish for the extractor hood.

The large windows full of greenery gives a charming tropical ambiance and keeps us in touch with a fresh and open atmosphere.

9. Pretty and tough

Another aspect that should be paid considerable attention to is the kitchen furniture. Being a high activity work area, the built quality and the materials finish of kitchen fittings and fixtures is highly critical.

That is why it is recommended that the materials that go behind a beautiful looking kitchen are also resistant and easy to maintain. This kitchen island known as the Elite Range is the perfect example of this combination.

This island comes with a concrete finished top whereas the sink and stove made of stainless steel are inbuilt into it. Other appliances are also built in complimenting finishes to give this kitchen a coherent look.

10. Size does not matter!

If you think installing an island requires huge floor space or that it only suits modern kitchens, think again! 

This rustic style kitchen from Taller Estilo Arquitectura is all set to surprise you. This compact sized island fits in perfectly, and rather than making the kitchen look cramped, gives an open feel to the entire space.

The material palette of rich teak against the neutral backdrop of white-washed walls and exposed concrete renders a charming timeless character to the kitchen. Further, the architects have cleverly embedded the storage cabinet in the wall cavity to free up circulation space in the kitchen. The wooden benches which can be used as they are or with bright colored cushions are positioned to provide optimum comfort to the users.

If you would like to continue to seeing more kitchen ideas, we recommend you go here

Which of the kitchen island ideas did you like the most? We would love to hear from you, below!
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