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A Taiwanese home with American style

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Employing a distinctly American style, a style that draws its main influence from the early English classical design, this home in Taiwan doesn't shy away from the decorative. Combining sophisticated wall linings, and wide timber wall panelling with an innovative spatial design, this home beautifully marries function and aesthetics.  

The rich material palette splices up the open and flowing interior. For all its detailed decoration, the home also exudes an effortlessness, creating a casual environment that one would be sure to feel at home in. 

It's not just the wall materials that chop and change, but the flooring too. This helps distinguish the various functions without separating them. It's as beautiful as it is innovative. let's step inside this cleverly choreographed interior and take a closer look…

The living space

Deviating from the all-white minimalist interiors that we've come to know and love, this design, instead, opts for warmer colours and materials: dark wooden floors, earthy stone, off-white walls, and a duck egg blue kitchen island.

Material divisions

Here we can see the beautiful stone flooring, stitched together and running through the space. It delimits the kitchen zone without resorting to partitions or barriers that would truncate the space. 

Division and connection

The ceiling, too, is lined in a dark natural timber. The material palette is sumptuous and cosy. Swinging around to take this vantage of the room, we see that glass partitions are used throughout to divide the separate rooms while allowing the natural light to penetrate to the core of the home: the central living space. 

The bedroom

Behind one of those glassy partitions, the bedroom resides. It is stately and sophisticated—a charming space of repose. Ceiling paneling, skirting boards, the lot—no detail is left out!

It's all in the detail…

It really is! From the broad strokes down to the most intricate details, there is a finesse demonstrated across scales. The finishing touches give this home a special edge, a unique novelty. Here, set into the bevelled subway tiles, a delightful mosaic of patterned tiles in subtle hues of blue and grey give the kitchen a point of difference. 

The balcony

If the interior spaces of this home weren't enough to make you want to move in, then this lovely balcony is sure to do it! A little cocoon nestled in the tree tops, draped in plants, and offing space to perch and enjoy your morning coffee or evening wine. 

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The wardrobe

And, it even comes with a generous walk-in wardrobe!

The bathroom

The stylish subway tiles are carried into the bathroom where they provide a sleek white interior. And, a very large walk-in shower adds an extra touch of luxury!

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