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30 stunning modern bathroom designs

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 When it comes to designing our homes we sometimes focus on certain rooms and not others. It’s often the case that the kitchenliving room and bedroom will take precedence over the more utilitarian bathroom.  However, just because the bathroom is inherently more functional and seldom seen by guests doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve your attention!

 Bathroom’s can be equally as stunning as their counterparts, and to prove this we’ve put together a list of thirty stunning modern bathrooms that’ll hopefully inspire you to make the most of your salle de bain. With each example we’ve highlighted the different approaches taken by the interior designers, so there’s bound to be a style that you like.

 Let’s get started…

1. Picture this…

 Turn your bathroom into a modern gallery space with framed photos and artwork. 

2. Wonderful with wood

 Wood tends to be associated with country style, but it can be used as an intrinsic element in virtually any bathroom. Just be careful to treat it against humidity.

3. An optical illusion

These intriguing tiles create a big impact in this little bathroom; even stretching to the ceiling.

4. Elegant in grey

This great bathroom blends a beautiful grey and white colour scheme with a little wood for variation. 

5. An indoor garden

Bring a little nature into your bathroom with an indoor garden.

6. Gorgeous glass

 An abundance of glass in your bathroom gives the room a very contemporary feel as well as creating a light and spacious atmosphere.

7. Amazing mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles can make for a marvelous modern bathroom.

8. Mixing the colours of mosaics

Mosaic tiles can be used to create different effects by mixing a variety of colours.

9. Diversity enriches design

Incorporating different styles and textures into the design—such as rough and smooth surfaces—can create an eye-catching and dynamic space.

10. A black and white solution

Combine black and white in the colour scheme to create a cool high-contrast effect.

11. Add a little perspective

Incorporating a centre island and couple of large mirrors into your bathroom's design gives the room fantastic depth.

12. Tile wild

A wall of colourful tiles will add a whole lot of flair to your bathroom. 

13. Modern and moody

 Dark grey tiles interspersed with a little stainless steel gives this modern bathroom a cool, moody atmosphere.

14. Pastel perfection

Try a tile wall in muted, pastel shades for a more understated effect.

15. Tiled from top to bottom

 Colourful mosaic tiles coating the entire shower area visually highlights the space giving the room a focal point.

16. Harmonious design

 Beautiful blue tiles adorn the floor and the wall behind the bathtub to create a single, cohesive style for the space.

17. Fantastic feature wall

The fantastic feature wall facing the bathroom's entrance draws focus and makes the small space feel larger.

18. Spa-style bathroom

Crisp white colour and warm wooden tones can give your bathroom a relaxing, spa-like feel. 

19. Make space with a mirror

The clever placement of a floor-to-ceiling mirror makes this modern bathroom appear much larger than it is. 

20. The storage solution

If you have the space divide the bathroom with attractive modern shelving to give it a distinct design. 

21. Contemporary rustic

The presence of strong natural elements will give the room a contemporary rustic look.

22. Use alternative materials

White porcelain walls give this room a unique and ultra-modern look. 

23. Understated elegance

 If in doubt a simple, modern design can exude understated elegance.

24. ​Together but separate

A partition wall partially separates the space between bathroom and bedroom creating an interesting, semi-open-plan effect.

25. Contrasting shapes

Here the straight, rectangular lines of the bath, counter and sink contrast the large circular mirror to great effect.

26. Bright colour in the bathroom

A vibrant green wall sets this modern bathroom apart.

27. Magnificent in matt

The soothing matt colour scheme has been combined with exceptional lighting and a little wood to create a contemporary  bathroom with a rustic touch. 

28. Numerous neutral tones

This impactful bathroom combines a variety of neutral tones for a dramatic, high-contrast effect.

29. Get the light right

Creative use of lighting can really change the look of your bathroom. 

30. Get creative

 Throw the rule book out the window and design really a unique bathroom like this amazing modern space mixing striking red colour with a miniature indoor garden. 

  Take a look at the best bathrooms trends for 2017 for more modern bathroom ideas.

  Adapted from an article by Radwa Radwan.

Which of these bathrooms did you like best? Let us know in the comments below!
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