9 tips to renovate your home on a budget

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Renovations can either come and go quickly, or be a long, drawn-out process that can wear families and homeowners thin. They also, if not well-planned and executed, can have a thinning effect on your budget as well. When considering home renovations, make a list of the most important renovations that should be done sooner, rather than later, and work your way down this list over the course of a few years. Of course, hiring the right professionals is the first step to success and making sure that both you, and your contractors, are always on great terms!

If you're looking for some tips, tricks and suggestions as to how to approach some renovation projects, and want some cost-saving advice, we're here to help! We have nine tips that will make sure your home renovation stays on-budget, every time!

1. Be creative with cement

Cement is no longer simply for commercial and industrial-type spaces. Cement is now being used in all types of residential building processes and designs and it's a great and cost-friendly way to give your home anything from a rustic look, to a modern, sleek and sophisticated look!

2. Cement flooring is low-maintenance and affordable

The most common use of cement in housing is for the foundation and the flooring. Not only is cement stable, it's also affordable and low-maintenance. Be sure to speak with your contractors about if you want glossy, high-shine cement, or a more matte effect. 

3. Ever considered cement walls?

Cement walls will not only add a great look to your home, they'll also create a more stable structure Just be sure to check if your foundation is strong enough to hold multiple cement walls!

4. Try wood for the walls—be picky!

For modern, rustic, traditional or even industrial-style spaces, wood is great. It's one of those classic design features, like exposed brick walls, that is easy to work with and can be rather affordable. Check to see if any local establishments sell repurposed or refurbished barn wood for a cheap deal and a great look.

5. Allow the raw materials to show through

If you're working with a varied amount and type of materials, be sure to let them show through. If you're using bricks and cement, don't necessarily feel the need to cover them with plaster and dry wall. Sometimes, when these materials are left in their raw state, they're the best to look at.

6. Use locally-sourced materials

Contracters and professionals should be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to sourcing materials locally. A smart contractor will always do this, unless you're asking for specific, special materials that need to be shipped the world over. Be sure to do your own research and asking around, and if you feel your contractor isn't sourcing locally, confront the issue.

7. Pick materials that will have some longevity

Stone, bricks and cement will all be materials that will give you years and years worth of stable, good looks. Wood, siding and any faux materials will clearly be cheaper, but might only survive a few years—especially if being used on the exterior features of the home.

8. Leave pipes exposed for an industrial-style look

Traditional homeowners will automatically feel the need to make sure all pipes nad plumbing are covered well.  However, in more contemporary times, it's becoming more and more okay (depending on your personal preferences) to leave these items fully exposed. Especially for modern, rustic and industrial-style spaces, leaving pipes exposed can work to your advantage!

9. Recycle and upcycle textiles, materials and furnishings

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Industrial style reading nook

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Lastly, one of the easiest ways to save money is to turn trash into treasure If you have any furnishings that you don't like anymore, consider what reupholstering them could do to breathe new life into them. Also, take time to scourge through local flea and antique markets for great unique finds as well.

Need more home renovation ideas on a budget? We have even more great articles to help you plan your next home-improvement project!

What do you think of our tips and suggestions? Tell us more below!

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