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15 great ideas to decorate your house using wrought iron

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The strong and sturdy wrought iron can never go out of fashion. The work that the blacksmiths perform with this material adores our home as railings, doors, lamps, fences, chairs, beds, garden furniture, and even in the ornamental details for the terrace and garden. Bravely it faces all types of weather condition and still retains its beauty and style for years. it looks beautiful in any place it is used and can gel well with any material. You just need to be a bit creative and bold!

Here in this ideabook, we try to explore this very quality of the wrought iron, its versatility. Just have a look that how it can be crafted into beautiful designs with precision and then how with ease it transform the place where it is used and along with it gives a face-lift to your home. No matter how you use it and wherever you place it, one thing is for sure: it will never fail to impress you and your guests.

Let’s decorate our home with the wrought iron, and be ready to receive envious admiration.

​Handmade forged iron beds

The delicate looking strong wrought iron beds will lift up the look of a country house or a rustic home.  Try it to believe it!

​A forge lantern: the rustic detail

This rustically beautiful lantern hanging from a forged coat hanger bring backs the childhood memories of grandparents house. Isn’t it?  Despite being simple it has subtle curves that are possible only when the hot metal is struck by firm human hands. Imagine the environment when it is illuminated in romantic evenings or casual evenings with friends!

​Majestic presence in a corner

This is something that we could not ignore. This piece of art can shows that the forge is a craft work. The beauty of this cage with all its details would not have been possible with the same effect if some other material was used to make it.

​Protections with captivating style

This captivating style of protection can only be achieved by means of forging. The use of wrought iron as a protection railing is very common in homes and with little creativity and unique designs it can be turned into an art piece which many would like to imitate.

​The colonial touch in doors and lanterns for facades

If you are an admirer of the colonial style in architecture and design of houses, you will love this idea of the majestic door crafted with molded pieces of iron. If it is accompanied by lanterns, it will only enhance the elegance.

​Furniture forged

Such a detailed and scrupulous work deserves to occupy a prominent place in your house. A humble combination of curves and lines shows that the real beauty is in simplicity and it is more than sufficient to leave a powerful impact.

​The hanging garden

The hot fire, thin iron, firm hands and creative minds can transform the way your garden looks. It is a very functional and impressive way to decorate your garden with hanging pots and beautiful plants.

The strength of ​Interior railings

We have already said that the beauty of this metal is in its versatility. It can be molded to give any shape or designs; every time the result will be phenomenal.  The interior railing is creating magic even in this simple form.

​Classic headboard for a romantic bedroom

Iron headboard can be bought loose as any header, and can be fixed to your bed. So it is not necessary to buy a new bed if you are looking to refurbish it without spending too much. What else do you need? So it is a misconception that forging is an expensive and time consuming process. It is for everyone and for all your needs.

​The classic wrought iron candelabra lamp

The classic look of the wrought iron lamps will look spectacular especially in environments with colorful bricks and lots of wood work. The house will look wonderful with a traditional touch.

​Forged balustrades for the balcony

If you want to give a prominent place to wrought iron, place it on the main balcony of your facade. Simple combinations of traditional and modern design can embellish any front.

​That old classic look

Brooklyn Heights Addition Ben Herzog Architect Colonial style house
Ben Herzog Architect

Brooklyn Heights Addition

Ben Herzog Architect

A spectacular facade made of bricks can be made more spectacular if it is accompanied by black wrought iron railings. It will give your house that unmatched old classic look which will be your pride and neighbors envy.

​Wrought iron gates

It is a typical way to use the wrought iron in houses, as exterior gates and walls. It is a sensible use of it as they are weather resistant and doesn’t block the breeze to flow through.

​Power for railings

The handcrafted forge makes it possible to show some quality work full of originality so that the decorative works on the railings will look beautiful without compromising on its strength. With this type of art work on the stairs, you don’t need anything to beautify your staircase.

​Lovely details for exterior stairs

The spiral staircases with wrought iron railings are perfect with warm colored backgrounds. You may like to take a cue from here to liven up the most hidden corner of your house. 

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