21 top home decorating ideas that won't cost a sen!

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We all know how expensive redecorating can be. Even when you only want to revamp one room in your home, costs tend to add up pretty quickly–first there's the new coat of paint, then the new furnishings, lights, carpets, and accessories… Just thinking about all of this is enough to cause panic, let alone seeing your bank account afterwards.

So how about you give your wallet a break? We have a list of 21 home decorating ideas that won't cost you a single sen! Of course, the items in this list aren't for those of you planning a total rehaul–it's for those of you who want to spice up their space in small, yet strikingly fashionable ways. And with tips for every room in the home, plus the garden, we can guarantee you'll find something that suits your home and personal style perfectly.


1. Have spare car parts?

Or better yet, an entire car? Repurpose it for cool retro seating.

2. Get funky

And use old wooden crates to build a coffee table.

3. Can you crochet?

Then make a slip cover to fit over old, unused tires for additional garden seating or tables.

4. Use old ideaologies

Ever heard of Feng Shui? Now that will bring in whole new life to your space. Simply shift your furniture around for renewed energy.

5. Save wall space

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to showcase your colourful plate collection.

6. Forget pots

Place your indoor plants inside a cute mug or jug instead.

7. Save empty cans

For another funky flower pot idea.

8. Want a classier solution?

Clear mason jars go great paired with white flowers and candles.

9. But don't stop there

Use your mason jars as lamp shades, as well.

10. Subtle changes

Rearrange your bookshelf and sort your books by spine colour for an interesting new array of hues.

11. Cardboard boxes are useful

As small shelving systems.

12. Put your old ladder to new use

Simply prop it against the wall and you have a rustic accessory for hanging towels or displaying books.

13. Old and unused books

Can be transformed into eclectic pieces of furniture.

14. Give your home vintage charm

By painting picture frames to look like antiques.

15. Change up your living room

By adding an expressive couch throw.

16. Old clothes

Cosy Home House Envy Living room
House Envy

Cosy Home

House Envy

Are great for making new cushions.

17. Hang your bike on the wall

For a practical and stylish solution!

18. Feeling creative?

Make a few wall hangers from extra folders you have lying around. They're sturdier than plain paper.

19. Don't throw away that old planter

Repurpose it as a cool fire pit.

20. Move your coat stand to the garden

To hang additional plants.

21. Use your Christmas lights all year round

And string them decoratively around the trees in your yard.

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How many of these ideas did you walk away with? Let us know below!

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