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Integrated spaces: the perfect solution for small homes

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ESTUDIO GEYA Modern dining room
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 Integrated spaces are becoming more common, both in homes and apartments. There’s a definite trend toward shared environments that are simultaneously distinguished from each other by the home’s design.

 Integrated environments work perfectly in both large and small homes; of course in the latter integrating the environment is a great advantage because it increases the feeling of space making for a more comfortable home.

 We love this trend toward open, fluid spaces, so today we’ll show you a few brilliant integrated environments that will surely inspire. Let’s get started…

​1. On another level

 Here both spaces share the same aesthetics with light wood, and beige and white tones. The areas are distinguished by the slightly elevated dining room giving prominence to the dining table.

The light colour scheme gives the appearance of a more spacious environment, aided by the natural light from the balcony that floods the room.

​2. Furniture creating the division

 Here we have a large house in which the architects have opted to capitalise on the size of the property with an open-plan design that makes the most of all the available space. The lounge and dining room blend well by sharing the same aesthetic, while the large sofa serves as the point of division between the rooms.

​3. A mixture of styles and environments

 Here we have an unusual mix of styles with the dining room contrasting the kitchen to which it is connected. The beautiful ceramics of the floor distinctly separate the spaces, while the windows and dark colours in the décor of both rooms create the necessary continuity.

​4. A bigger bedroom

 In this case we have a bedroom that has been integrated with the dressing room and bathroom. The bed is located on a raised platform, at the end of the room we can see a shower separated by a glass partition, and to our right we have the dressing room. The partition wall separating the bed and dressing room provides privacy, and the enclosed nature of the bed creates a feeling of cosiness.

​5. Embedded spaces to enchant

 Another way of integrating spaces is to create an internal courtyard that connects various environments—ideal for houses without a garden. Here the courtyard fills the rooms around it with natural light and brings a little nature into the home.

​6. Living room and garden

 This unconventional but ingenious design connects a comfortable living room with the adjacent garden, allowing the occupants to enjoy the outdoors while relaxing in their living room. The curtains, when closed, create an environment that makes us forget the exterior despite continuing to enjoy its benefits.

​7. Bedroom and balcony

 This beautiful wooden bedroom is intrinsically connected to the outdoors thanks to panoramic windows and patio doors that lead to a large balcony.

​8. In studio apartments

Large Modern bedroom / studio A1 Lofts and Extensions Modern style bedroom
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Large Modern bedroom / studio

A1 Lofts and Extensions

 Of course you can’t talk about integrated spaces without mentioning studios. Here the bedroom is integrated with the living room without the spaces infringing on one another. The L-shaped sofa delimits the living area, and the carpet behind signifies the separation to a more intimate space. We love how the spaces are perfectly distinguished despite the matching décor.

Take a look at this article on combining the kitchen and living room for advice on creating an open-plan space in your home.

 Adapted from an article by Celeste Abrigo.

Which of these amazing open-plan designs was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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