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So often homes are photographed devoid of any signs of inhabitation. While this puts the design at the fore, it makes it hard to garner any sense of the experience of being and living in the spaces. These shots, showcasing the interior design of a Hong Kong residence by STDesign, show the residents personality and presence imprinted upon the space. The designer, being an artist himself and also having worked as an art director, demonstrates an exquisite finesse in the choreography of the artworks in the detailed interior.

STDesign is an award winning studio founded by Stefano Tordiglione in Hong Kong. Born in Italy, he spent time studying and working in New York,  London and various parts of Italy. His practice in Hong Kong seeks to integrate Italian design, whilst preserving the local culture with the ethos that every design detail is a result of research and intuition, an equilibrium of art and practicality. And what a beautiful equilibrium he has crafted. Let's take a look inside!

Between the pillars

A sense of tradition is evoked as one approaches the cast iron filigree door way, bordered by two small pillars. The entrance way is tasteful: a simple and symmetrical lay out. What lies beyond is similarly beautiful and thoughtful, but has very personalised characteristics.

Contemporary traditional

At the entry, a delightful detail in the flooring causes a moment for pause, drawing one into the living space of the home. The traditional chevron parquet floor finds sharp contrast with the concrete inset, appearing almost as an entry mat or hall rug. Traditional meets contemporary in a fun and thoughtful way. The differences act to enhance the qualities of each material. 

A space that talks

The mirror placed directly opposite the door makes the entrance hall appear larger than it is. Two works of art find an unusual home underneath the side board. The down-lighting confirms it was a considered and intentional move, not just an afterthought.The enhanced sense of space crates a welcoming entrance, introducing the residents values and tastes through the placement of their furniture, objects and art.

The home, a canvas

Again, lighting is used to highlight the residents art collection. In this case a ceiling mounted track of adjustable spot lights casts directional light on the individual works. The weird and wonderful sculpture is the first thing to catch your eye as you are drawn into the delightful and cozy living room. It is a very personal expression of the residents, asserting this space as individual rather than generic. The design is envisaged as the sum of its parts, rather than a complete whole.

Looking through the picture plane

Sliding screens separate the bedroom from the living room, creating a flexible play between connection and division. The screens are reminiscent of traditional Japanese Shoji: translucent sliding doors. They are patterned with a a woven detailing, drawing similarities with the parquet flooring. The eye is drawn through the screens towards the bright colours of the Keith Haring work above the bed. This enhances the way depth is experienced within the space, creating a focal point and a layering of views. 

A golden work space

The sliding screens are completely opened in this image, turning the bedroom and living area into one singular space. The beautiful gold feature desk becomes a piece of art in itself. Contained within the confines of the column and the bookcase, it optimises the use of space and provides a fantastic naturally lit work space. How delightful it would be to glance up to a view through these great windows instead of a wall!

A minimalist marble kitchen

No marble is spared in this simple, yet luxurious, kitchen. Everything else remains minimal, allowing the gorgeous texture of the stone to reign supreme. 

Dinner over the tracks

This piece is positioned perfectly above the bench in the kitchen, giving the illusion of looking out a window onto the tracks. It turns what would have been a very ordinary space into a fantastic little dining nook. Every detail exudes sophistication; right down to the classic Tolix style galvanised stools with leather seats. A simple bench set for two and complete with wine, allows our mind to imagine this space being used. Now let's leave them to their dinner, overlooking the tracks. 

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