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10 modern kitchen cabinet ideas

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The quality of your decoration will depend largely on the spaciousness and architectural characteristics of your kitchen, however the furniture and kitchen components that you use can change the balance that are designed specifically to compensate for the disadvantages of your kitchen. 

Thanks to the modern design, the next generation of kitchens, even the most unused corner can be reevaluated with storage areas and similar solutions. For this reason, the choice of kitchen cabinets and kitchen fixtures is at least as prevalent as the architectural features of the room.

At the Homify team, we continue to introduce cleverly designed decorations to help you with your choice of kitchen cabinets and kitchen fixtures. In this Ideabook we have compiled 10 great kitchen designs which can inspire your kitchen cabinet selection.

Another thing you will need ideas and suggestions during the kitchen decoration is the choice of furniture and accessories. 9 cutting-edge ideas for a modern kitchen is another Ideabook which looks at excellent modern trends which is worth taking a look at!

Functional kitchen with large counters

One of the important details in kitchen decoration are the benches. You have to be very good at researching the material you choose for your kitchen. You will also need to pay attention to whether it will be suitable for use with the cabinets that you purchase. A marble bench such as this one can create a stylish ambience combined with wooden cupboards.

The most user-friendly color is white

Manhattan Micro-Loft Specht Architects Modern style kitchen
Specht Architects

Manhattan Micro-Loft

Specht Architects

Contrary to popular belief that white color gets easily dirty, the fact remains that the white color is more visible than other colors and as such the appearance of the dirt makes it easier to clean. Another advantage, the scratches and marks on wood and dark counter tops are not always visible, so the formation of bacteria in the middle does not always disappear, but even a slight scratch on a white bench will become apparent and the resulting color change will alert your hygiene bells! In short, if you want to have a cleaner kitchen, you should consider applying white color.

Less detail, more attention

Minimal features are of great importance in modern design. The less detail the more noticeable the image or product will appear. For this reason, many new designers remove common parts such as foot, ornament or a handle from the furniture. In these kitchen cabinets, the handle and feet were removed and a sleek appearance was created. A very stylish choice for a modern kitchen.

Light provides brightness

In the narrow and enclosed kitchens it is necessary to provide feeling of freshness to create a nice atmosphere. The most important way of providing this is using as much natural light as possible combined with light decoration. It is true that the lighting fixtures have a great appeal, but the better your kitchen benefits from daylight, the more spacious it will appear. Light colored furniture with bright, sleek finishes can also help.

A design with unusual details

If you want to grab attention with your kitchen design you need to be innovative. For example, instead of filling the counter with cupboards as is usually the case, in this design, you can make a stylish wall application. Beneath the counter however, your normal cabinets and draws seem to be able to meet the needs of the kitchen appliances and utensils. This is an appropriate decoration for small families or those living alone.

Practical kitchen islands

Casa Lago renziravelo Modern style kitchen

Casa Lago


The kitchen islands are a very good idea both in large kitchens and those of medium size. They provide instant solution on how to save space. You can gain more space and storage solutions by evaluating the kitchen island models when choosing a kitchen cabinet.

Wooden ambience

Grosvenor | Walnut And Marble Elegance Davonport Modern style kitchen Wood Brown

Grosvenor | Walnut And Marble Elegance


The kitchen cabinets made from wood and wood coloring are ideal for those who do not enjoy the modern style but lean toward the the classic. Although your kitchen design has modern features which you don't wish to give up, you can provide a classical atmosphere thanks to wooden cabinets. Moreover, cabinets made of wood are health-conscious and more durable than those made of lacquer and other similar products in many respects.

Simple and stylish

If you want to have simple but useful decoration in your kitchen, we can recommend that you look at this design more closely. Utilizing the magnificent combination of light wood and white color, kitchen planners managed to draw attention to this kitchen with its sheer functionality and simple beauty.

Eye-catching design

This satin like ruby-red wall is mesmerizing. If you have enough space in your kitchen and have a good architectural feature, you can benefit from dark and saturated colors. Using dark colors in decorations, gives any room an elegant appearance, however requires infrastructures such as spaciousness and light. But with the right combination, use of such colors can be breathtaking. 

Asymmetric bench

When a kitchen is small and on top of that asymmetrical, stylish decoration that is warmed up with lively colors and utilized with modern products is a must. For example here we have bright ceramics and truly vibrant colors to break the atmosphere and give it life.

Kitchen cabinets and the choice we make need careful consideration. We look at 10 such examples. Have you also got some ideas to share?

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