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Why build a two storey home instead of a one storey house!

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Whether you're in the design stages of building a new home, or simply keeping an eye on the market, there's one question that arises that doesn't always have an obvious answer; do you go for a one or two storey house? For certain people you can immediately rule out the two storey home, namely people with limited mobility for whom the idea of traipsing up and down a set of stairs everyday has limited appeal, but for everyone else the benefits of a two storey home are multifarious.

Two storey homes have a lot of advantages that may not have occurred to you, which is why we're going to take a look at some fabulous homes and discuss how the layout sets them apart. Some of these ideas relate to lifestyle, while others come from a design perspective, but after reading this list you can be sure that you have all the information necessary to make the right decision for you and your family.

1. They free up space for a courtyard or garden

This one is simple arithmetic; by having two storeys you double the floor area of your home. With increasing prices and stretched demand resulting in smaller and smaller properties the advantages of a second storey can't be overstated, in fact it may be a necessity in order for you to build a home that meets all of your needs. 

One aspect that often gets overlooked however is how a second storey will free up land for a courtyard or garden. Gardens are incredibly beneficial, giving your kids space to run around, keeping you busy on the weekend, and giving you a quiet place to get away from the rigours of modern life, so in other words definitely worth considering!

2. You have far more options for interior architecture

A two storey home doesn't mean you have to have two clearly defined stories, it actually opens up a whole world of possibilities for interior architecture. This includes, mezzanines, lofts, and ideas like this where different areas of the home are defined by their different heights. 

This is not only visually interesting, but also a practical way to separate the functions of different spaces. For example here we can see the living room is half a storey up from the kitchen and dining room, while another staircase leads up to the bedrooms.

3. Light and bright spaces

Speaking of multiple levels, another fantastic option that opens up is having two storey high ceilings for living spaces. This allows for far more air circulation to keep your home fresh and airy, and it's especially good in warm climates like Malaysia's as the heat has more room to escape. 

But perhaps the best aspect of a two storey ceiling is that you can catch far more sunlight hours with the upper windows, keeping your home bright and summery right until the sun sets.

4. Courtyards and balconies

Another aspect of two storey homes that we rarely consider is how it affects and creates outdoor spaces. The obvious benefit is that it allows you to build a balcony so that you can wake up in the morning and enjoy stunning views, but it also creates more privacy for small courtyard areas like this one. In Malaysia's heat shade is always welcome, and this courtyard looks cool and relaxing.

5. You can create different living areas

If your family has different lifestyles, for example one person works late, while the other is early to bed, then having two floors allows you to create distinct areas that will prevent you from disturbing each other, giving you freedom and flexibility. It's also a great way to hide the kids away and keep the noise down!

6. A covered garage

Lastly two storey homes allow you to build a covered garage. On a small property a garage can seem like a luxury, but with another storey on top it won't feel like you're sacrificing precious floor area. Plus keeping your car protected from the elements will add years to its life, not to mention keep it away from prying eyes!

As you can see there are tons of advantages to a two storey home, but ultimately only you can decide what's best for you. For more great home tips check out these great space saving ideas for small apartments!

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