20 balcony and terrace ideas that you can enjoy throughout the year

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Balconies and terraces can be transformed into heavenly resting areas with careful decoration. If you want a rest area that you can use every day of the year then you don't need much. Even a small balcony can turn into an eye-catching garden with effective decoration techniques. Please look at some of great ideas which we have combined for you here at Homify!

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Swinging seats

This terrace situated in what looks like a busy city is unique. It offers suggestion of relaxing evening spent on your swinging seat after a long day at work. The wooden flooring and the seat with soft cushions make this decoration unique. 

Colorful flowers

This balcony has charm in abundance. White and violet colors mix beautifully together as we can see in this example where fragrant potted flowers harmonize with the walls. There is a shabby chic feeling to this balcony and it is girly and fresh.  And you do not have to make a big expenses for it.

Garden lights

Glass lanterns or solar lights are very effective means of creating cozy ambiance in your garden, terrace or balcony. 

A wooden balcony

The furniture and flooring made from dark wood material creates a magnificent effect regardless of the style and the space. In this example, the beauty of wooden furniture and the floor is enhanced in the best way.

Balcony as a quiet corner

This balcony may be small but it is stylish and functional. It is possible to create an eye-catching balcony with a nice seat and a coffee table that tune in with the colors of cedar.

Hammock comfort

One of the great things that that add spark to the balconies and terraces is the good old hammock. Especially preferred for decoration in mediterranean and tropical regions, hammocks can be used to make every area such as garden, balcony and terrace a fun place to be.

Exceptional floor idea

If you want to be very different, you can consider a floor application such as this one. The ground is constructed with wood and stone material and an amazing environment was created by using special lighting.

Stylish furniture

Wrought iron table and chair sets are very suitable for creating a classical and sophisticated style. Especially you can use such style to make narrow balconies more spectacular.

Balcony converted to a garden

It is possible to turn a balcony into a garden with grass carpets and different planting solutions. With a large number of pots you can also enhance the charms of your small garden.

Wooden flooring

Wooden floor panels can be used both as flooring, as wall and as railings. This white wood panel was used to create a very spacious terrace environment. 

Like a beach cafe

A balcony is a must for spring and summer season. You can also make it appear like a holiday apartment balcony so that no matter where you are, you have that holiday feeling each time you enter your balcony.

Pear cushions

These mattress-style pear seats can be the most comfortable furniture in every area such as garden, balcony or your terrace. And as a bonus they can be found at fairly affordable prices.

Interesting pink pots

No matter how your balcony or terrace looks like, you can always change the view with the use of pots. In unusual color combination, the pots are a good way to create a modern decoration. 

Multitude of combinations

A pool area, tree-lined terrace and lots of green plants, here we have many possibilites to make this area a relaxing haven. All that is needed is interesting furniture ideas.

Modern and fascinating

The landscape architects gave this home garden, with its simple and rectangular shape a modern magnificent appearance. If you have a similar garden, you can complete your decoration with stylish wooden furniture.

A little peaceful terrace

Located on the edge of a stream running through the city, this terrace belongs to a small cute house. The terrace decorated with modern tents, charming hammocks and potted plants creates a peaceful ambiance.

Amazing view

The greatest feature of this small balcony is its spectacular view overlooking an endless ocean. If you are lucky to have a balcony with such a view, you do not need to think too much about the decoration. A comfortable chair and a coffee table will be enough.

Ample vibrancy

Colorful and vibrant flowers are the best way to beautify areas such as balconies and terraces. In this balcony, a simple white wooden table chair set is completed with beautiful flowers and a vibrant balcony decoration is created.

Wrought iron and wood mixtures

Now this is quite an interesting terrace. There is enough space and if you want to consider it as a winter garden, you can use this type of wrought iron and glass walls which create certain exotic charm. The decoration is complete with a comfortable chair and plants.

Wooden benches

Do not worry if you do not have the possibility to have spacious sitting area on your balcony. Even a simple bench can be enough to create a stylish balcony. This balcony is beautifully decorated with only a few wooden benches and a couple of  large pots.

Need some tips how to make your balcony or terrace a place to be in winter and in summer? Then take a look at some of our tips!

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