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Before and after: ​Derelict shed to superb little space

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 Sometimes it can be hard to see the potential a home has. If the space is small and rundown it’s difficult to imagine how it can be transformed, but that’s no reason to give up on the idea.

 If you think your home’s too small, too cluttered, or that costs will be too high to remodel then think again!

 Today we’re taking a look at a truly impressive transformation that proves there’s almost no limit to what can be achieved with a little ingenuity and hard work. Our story begins in rural Japan, where an almost derelict shed filled with rubbish was about to be transformed…

​Seeing potential

 Where everyone else saw a decrepit shed falling apart and filled with rubbish, the architects saw potential. Believe it or not, this small shed – even lacking all four walls – would soon be transformed using an assortment of reclaimed materials.

​Low cost construction materials

 Here we have the materials used for the remodel. This assortment of odd bits and pieces may look a little unsightly, but you’ll be surprised what can be accomplished by creative upcycling.

​The finished façade

 As you can see the structure of the building has been completely transformed! The horrendously cluttered space has been cleared out, and the seemingly eclectic collection of construction materials has been used to turn the dilapidated building into a respectable structure. The rusting roof has been replaced, and of course a fourth wall has been constructed with widows to ensure a light, pleasant interior. The area around the building has been tidied up too with a drainage system having been installed.

The impressive interior

 Inside, high ceilings and large windows create a surprisingly spacious environment with a pleasant ambiance thanks to all the natural light. Simple but attractive wooden seating, as well as a large table, have been purpose built for the space creating a cosy spot to enjoy a cup of tea.

​All the necessary amenities

 On the wall mounted shelving there’s access to power sockets as well as space for storage.

​Ingenious design

 The resourcefulness of the architects is resoundingly impressive, as illustrated here by the drain constructed at the entrance. This simple but effective drainage system has been made using roof tiles buried side by side outside the door; providing a solid surface that won’t retain water.  

 If you liked the concept of this unusual construction, then take a look at a similar idea executed on a bigger budget.

What are your thoughts on this unusual project? Let us know in the comments below!
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