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We know when most think of interior design and decorating it's usually the interior of the home, or exterior landscaping that first comes to mind.  However, we beg you, please view your front door as an entry way into your life and design, rather than just a portal of entry.

Proper design of an entry way can change the mood of your guests upon arrival, and even change your mood every time you come home. Consider design that is both welcoming and of a certain aesthetic in order to maximize the full aesthetic experience of your home.

Listed below, we have provided six examples of ways in which your front door can go from blah to BOOM with exterior landscaping and lighting techniques—to everything else!

Choose a bespoke wooden door design

With most Asian homes being of minimalist design—the hardware created for doors is truly extraordinary. Here, a gold-brushed wood is used to create a decorative leaf technique that mimics the plaid pattern to the left.  

Whether you choose decorative hardware for your screen door, or a statement piece for the handles and doorbell—make sure to choose something interesting and unexpected that makes the space something the guests will be talking about long after they leave!

Feel limited in your hardware options? Don't forget that you can choose hardware that would normally be used for interior furnishings—like cabinet and drawer knobs as well.  Keep it interesting and make sure it will last for all seasons!

Check out Tanemoku and their beautiful doorway designs for something special!

Lighten your door with highlights

Casa Ming is a perfect example of how a proper use of lighting can be both welcoming, and charming as it highlights the entrance to your home. Lighting is an inexpensive and easy option when thinking of quick ways to spruce up your entry way.

To create some continuity between the exterior of your home and the entrance way—use spotlights directly over the entrance and base lights along the exterior landscaping that lead to the door way. This also has a functional purpose in that it directs your guests to the right entrance and provides a small safety feature in that you can always see who has arrived at your home! Whether you keep your home modern and minimalist, or decorated with lots of shrubs and plants—lighting can increase the visual atmosphere of your exterior!

Choose a bold colour!

Using a bold colour on your front door can create a fabulous and welcoming space!  Consider the style and architecture of your home and even the interior design of your home when selecting your colour.  Have a rather minimalist exterior and interior? Choose ANY colour to make it pop! 

As seen in this example, neutrals dominate the space, except for the tiny green table holding the house plants in the entrance way—the green colour of the door perfectly coordinates for a wonderful and cohesive design.  Colour is great in its wide variety and easy application—as it is in any part of the home. 

Have textured or designed doors as seen in this example? You still have options! Use multiple paint colours to highlight the designs, or neutralize them by painting the whole door one solid colour!

Stained glass perhaps?

You may feel that stained glass is somewhat outdated or associate it with old church designs—but with the variety of stained glass designs today that can be easily installed—it's time to consider it once again!

Here we have a modern, almost Bauhaus -inspired stained glass technique used on both an entrance way and the accent window.  Make sure to choose both colors and a glass pattern that accentuate the interior and exterior of your home.  One negative of stained glass is that it's a rather permanent fixture in a home, and can be expensive to change out. So make sure that what you choose is something will suit you and your family for a long time coming!

One great technique to consider with front door stained glass is that you can use the same design pattern on any accent windows throughout your home as you choose.  This can be a defining moment when trying to pull the feel of your home together—or opt to not use the stained glass on any other windows and make the front door truly stand out as a central design feature of your home!

Architetto Mariantonietta Canepa have some more great examples here!

Incorporate exterior and interior landscaping

Not all are blessed with large entry ways and indoor lobbies—but it doesn't matter when it comes to using plants and shrubs to highlight your entry way! Even with a rather small entry, you can choose smaller plants that work together visually on your porch and inside your home.

As pictured here—minimal plants, with a hint of colour, are used on the über minimalist exterior of the porch and once your open the door—boom! A large shrub and tree are there for a statement piece!  We know that most can't fit a beautifully-sized tree on the interior of your home—and that's ok! Choose a variety of plants that work together when designing a statement piece—think different colours and especially different heights to give a more dramatic feel to a small, enclosed space.

Add large home numbers

Address numbers, because of their utilitarian function, are often left out when one thinks of redesigning the front exterior of the home.  A lot of homeowners and designers will do extravagant, beautiful work on the exterior of a home, and then reposition the original house numbers, as if all is okay.

Don't do this, unless your original home numbers truly work with your new design.  In actuality—you can avoid a lot of heavy redesigning if you just change the numbers to something bold.  Think LARGE, bold colours and particularly metallics when changing the numbers on the exterior of your home.  This is great for both design, and for functionality as you don't want guests driving past your home numerous times, often squinting, to make sure they've arrived at the right home for the dinner party!

Is your front door something to brag about? Tell us how by leaving a comment below!

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