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Fantastic homes examples were built under £100k

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Think that living in a beautiful and eye-catching house is not possible without winning the lottery? Think again, as today we set out to prove that a contemporary and stylish house is not necessarily synonymous with a big, fat bank account. 

How so? Because all nine of the houses we are about to view were constructed for less than £100,000 – which is, of course, a very decent price to pay considering the sizes and styles of these beauties. 

On a side note, quite a few of these structures are prefabricated homes, which definitely enhanced their cost-friendly appeal.

1. A traditional look

Although we are only privy to the exterior façade, we think it’s safe to say that this house presents everything the modern family could want: an eye-catching gable roof, a large and wondrous terrace (in wonderful wood, no less), and majestic windows that connect the interiors with the exterior spaces. 

Simply smashing!

2. A more sleek approach

Although being quite generous to one’s budget, this modern wonder still manages to pack quite the stylish punch in terms of visual appeal. Look at that delicious combination of stone, timber and glass in such a striking array of neutral tones. 

The fact that the surrounding garden looks simply immaculate is just icing on the cake. 

For the garden of your dreams, take a look at our selection of gardeners and landscape architects here on homify.

3. Bathing in light

Our third example decides to make the most of sunlight by inviting it inside via numerous windows, glass doors and skylights – a very clever way to charm up the interiors and make them feel bigger. 

On the other hand, a modern home with such a wonderful terrace definitely invites one to spend as much time outside as possible.

4. Trusty timber for the façade

Picking natural materials (like wood) can definitely make a difference to one’s budget when it comes to building that dream home. Of course using wood does not mean the end result has to be boring or rustic. 

This timber-crafted abode flaunts the perfect look of modern delight, with every corner presenting numerous elements to ensure a visually pleasant experience.

5. Mixing up materials

Seeing as we’re on natural materials, let’s highlight stone for our next example – another delicious option that can help you cut costs. 

As we can see in this image, stone walls pair up simply fabulously with a simple, plastered wall for a textured look and feel. It also adds a slightly rustic touch to a modern home.

6. Cutting-edge and most modern

Michael Bay home in Los Angeles - master suite Pietre di Rapolano Villas
Pietre di Rapolano

Michael Bay home in Los Angeles—master suite

Pietre di Rapolano

Yes, even a futuristic-looking home such as this could be yours if you’re on a budget. 

These architects have gone for a simple, minimalist cube design. And thanks to the abundance of clear glass used, the end result is not only cost effective, but remarkably beautiful as well.

7. Less can be more

Remember not to overindulge in your quest for the perfect house, like this simple-yet-stylish structure reminds us. 

With its straightforward façade and clean-line design, it presents a very welcoming and charming home that could very well be the perfect abode for you and your family.

8. All about the view

Our next example clearly has its eye on the surrounding views, whether they’re being enjoyed from the ground-floor terrace or the top-floor balcony (or through those majestic windows).

9. A vision in white

While many homeowners would shy away from all-white façades (simply because it can present a very clinical look, as well as appear dirty quite often), we just can’t get tired of staring at this serene creation. 

Another example of how a limited budget can result in a striking and slightly lavish dream home.

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