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Our homes, much like our lives, aren't always full of exciting or interesting moments. For the most part, life is simple and ordinary, and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, many would prefer such a life over one with frequent ups and downs. 

Those who prefer consistency in their lives, and even those with crazier lives than most, tend to prefer homes with sincerity–homes that are straightforward, give you what you need, and at the same time relax and unwind you. For those of you looking for some inspiration for such a home, look no further. We have a special project today from the home builders at Kotori 5 to 6 that shows you how you can design your home so that it's uncomplicated and carefree. An imposing façade, a bright interior, and a special surprise inside are all awaiting… So let's dive in!

Uncomplicated structure

We begin our tour with a view of the exterior and notice immediately the striking impression a simple façade can leave on us. Back cladding defines the building and create a refined atmosphere, while light timber accents add interest and contrast. The home sits atop a gravel driveway and just to the left we can see the beginnings of a fruitful crop.

The north side

The north side of the building has a terrace area that is covered with an awning where the residents can enjoy the scenery close to home. in the main living space on the first floor. Large and plentiful windows allow the interior to be flooded with natural light and they help make the landscape a part of the interior design.

Bright and simple

Inside the home, we see a completely different colour palette. Here, white and light wooden hues dominate, which allows for a freer flow of light and air at all times of the day. A few scattered house plants are the only accessories we see here. The interior is unadorned, supporting the old mantra of 'less is more' and making this space the perfect atmosphere for de-stressing.

Modern fittings

The kitchen is loosely partitioned by the half wall just behind the sink, and we can see that there is no lack of modernity in this area. Stainless steel makes up the counter top, range hood, and other accessories, while solid timber is used for the additional work surface to the right. This mixture of modern with the natural gives us everything we need as far as functionality is concerned, while also providing a calming and natural ambience.


As we make our way up the stairs, we see excellent use of interior space. Combining the stairwell with a huge storage and display option is a wonderful way to add character to the less-traveled areas of the home, and of course gives you a place to store things like books.

The best for last

We saved this home's special surprise for last, but here it is–the inner courtyard! This small area is located within the building, yet has open access to the sky above it. Being outside and holding onto your privacy are both possible here. A sliding glass door allows access to the interior and makes the courtyard a part of it, as they seamlessly connect. An important part of designing your home simply is making sure you have areas to which to can retreat, and whether that's an inner courtyard or a small reading nook, you'll benefit most from uncomplicated decor.

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How do you plan to decorate your home after viewing this one? We'd love to hear from you below!

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