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10 delightfully modern apartments

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The New Year brings many new changes-changes in diet, the way we dress, and of course there are changes to our homes. Each year we are given the opportunity to refresh our homes and add new and interesting elements-from big things like L-shaped sofas and up-to-date appliances to the smaller things like a few new accessories for the coffee table. Whatever it may be, we're here to help!

Today on homify, we're going to examine 10 completely stylish, modern, sophisticated, and extremely attractive interiors that will not only impress you, but have you begging for something similar. Take a look at each unique space and get your notebooks ready!

1. Funcitonally

Elegant furniture imparts a luxurious aesthetic. Sliding doors allow the rooms to expand as needed, while compartments increase privacy by restricting movement between rooms.

2. Seating for all

In our first example, the dining room and the lounge are arranged in an open plan layout. All the walls are white and the space is wide. The hall's interesting features are its window designs. The black-framed window resembles a picture of a portal to the outside world.

3. Scandinavian style

This modern house's contemporary décor is engaging with a balanced and aesthetic style. Geometric patterns, comfortable furniture and stylish neutral colour schemes contribute to the comfort of the bright living space. A small number of items and many accessories are simple and Scandinavian in style.

4. Black and white

The living room showcases a wonderful black and white colour scheme with modern and minimalist undertones. Harmonising black and white is timeless and fashionable, as it always creates an elegance that keeps updating. In short, if you want to add a modern touch to your home all the time, you can enjoy the black and white colours.

5. Separating spaces

There is something attractive and fancy in the details of this open-plan white and wood interior. With its perfect combination of the modern and classical styles, the living room looks stunning. In addition, the lighting system combined with eye-catching whiteness transformed the house into a very bright apartment.

6. Swing life away

This apartment is extremely modern and stylish with gorgeous large leather sofas and striking glass furniture, and even a dark parquet floor. The most prominent of all these items is undoubtedly the wicker swing which is tied with a chain.

7. Artful decorations

The colour of this room may be simple, neutral and classic, but with the addition of a few eclectic elements, we create a unique atmosphere. The most interesting pieces are definitely the artistic paintings on the wall. They're real eye-catchers.

8. White on white

The combination of white wood flooring, white leather sofas and white walls may sound like a risky idea at first, but it is possible to create a warm and inviting room with the right decoration and style. This living room shows us simple modern style with unmatched grace.

9. Natural light

Minimalist and clean lines are the main features of this modern home. In addition, the gorgeous sunlight entering from the large windows highlights the various small accents and adds a warmth to the atmosphere.

10. Large lamps

The apartment in this picture has the advantage of high ceilings that stretch up two storeys. How can such height be utilised? With giant and metallic hanging lamps, of course.

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How many ideas did you walk away with today? Let us know below!

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