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15 dressing-rooms of your dreams

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Every woman dreams of having a walk-in wardrobe. To have your clothes beautifully arranged in color combinations or simply by type of clothing, then the shoes collection properly arranged and a fitting place for all your accessories! What more could a woman wish for when it comes to her personal belongings!

If this tickles your fancy, then please take a look at these 15 exceptional examples of great dressing rooms which you may be right now dreaming about!

Neatly arranged

Sometimes when the attic is small and the ceiling like we have here  offers even less space, it is not a bad idea to make this room into your dressing-room. Here we have nice white wardrobe neatly placed to compliment this room.

Shelf system

To have such a dressing-room as we see here one needs a whole room available just for that purpose. Space is essential. We have here enough space for pretty much everything including shoes, all organised on practical white shelves system matching very nicely with parquet floor.

Harmony in organisation

This dressing-room is perfect for someone who likes a particular tone of color such as here blue and white which then can be so placed that is creates a certain calming effect. The colors harmonize together and everything looks subdued and well organized.

Little bit of luxury

If you are a woman who enjoys a touch of luxury in her life then you would want to have this displayed in your dressing room where you probably spend a lot of time. Here we have shoes neatly arranged under a lounge which is in perfect place at the center of the room. Here you will sit to try on your shoes, get dressed or simply reflect on how nice the room looks like.


It is a good idea to have some romanticism in your dressing-room. After all it is the place of fantasies, where we dress each day and can decide on what outfit tickles our fantasy on  that particular day. Here we have a crystal chandelier, an ornate mirror, items that make this wardrobe elegant and charming. 

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Playing with mirrors

Interior Designers knew how to create the positive attributes of this room. The mirrors create almost a dreamy aspect. Space is visually enhanced and the feel of the room is amazing like we are trying clothes in some designer boutique.


Here we have what looks like office or bedroom and behind the glass-doors a perfect modern dressing room. The rooms are separated but the glass doors make this attic quite different.

White and space

White creates space and here we have what could be a small dressing-room overwhelmed by the white color so that it looks bigger and brighter. 

Perfect set-up

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA Campbell Watson Dressing roomWardrobes & drawers
Campbell Watson

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA

Campbell Watson

This room has it all and enough space to have everything. You don't have to search for anything when it is so well-organised from jackets to  trousers and it is the space that plays the big role here.

Unique idea

Round mirrors have made this room unique and original. The big ceiling light give this room an eye-catching effect.


The dark-ceiling matching the brown leather lounge and even the timber floor creates a warm atmosphere and cozy elegance.

Natural light

With big window offering enough natural light we have here without much needed effort a jovial atmosphere.


Pink and charming is what comes to mind when we enter this dressing-room. It may be small but it is definetly not without taste or fun-factor.

Neutral tones

We have here a very sophisticated and precise dressing-room with clean lines and neutral colors. This is ideal for someone who likes to walk into order.

Vivid imagination

This looks like a hallway which leads to heaven, so to speak. A simple idea which turned out amazing. A narrow room and terrace doors, a fantastic combination. The view is truly the main focus. We have more than enough natural light and of course white goes with everything and makes it even more brighter.

A dressing room can vary from elegant to spacious to charming. Take a look at these 15 great ideas ready to inspire you today!
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