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6 simple bed frames you can DIY

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Everyone loves a good DIY project. It's a fun way to spend the holidays, a great way to give your home a personal touch, and most of all you get the satisfaction of a job well done. Not to mention the economic benefits, you can reduce the price of furniture down to a fraction of the store cost by simply getting some recycled materials and doing it all yourself!

Now the bed may seem like a big project, it's one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home, and realistically you want it to be as comfortable as possible, so if you're a novice to DIY it may seem a little overambitious. But today we're going to put those concerns to bed with 6 simple frames that you can build yourself that look fantastic, and will save you huge amounts of money. So join us as we take a close look at some of these projects, and strap on your tool belt, because we're certain you're going to want to try these for yourself!

1. ​Stacked on cabinets or drawers

There never seems to be enough storage in the bedroom, and while throwing things under the bed is tempting, it can be a mess when you actually need to find something. One easy way to avoid all of this is to create a bed frame of stacked cabinets or drawers that take advantage of the negative space beneath your bed, but also keep your possessions neat and organised. 

You can either do this by buying a modular drawer set and arranging it on the floor at an equal height, or you can find temporary and low-cost beds that use a frame of stacked cardboard boxes!

2. The pallet bedframe

Recycled wooden pallets are gaining popularity for home DIY projects as they can be used to build almost anything, including stunning bed frames. You can find pallets at any hardware store, or even pick them up for free from supermarkets and wholesale stores, but either way it's not going to cost you much. You can then decide how high you want the frame, and stack the pallets accordingly. 

This bed uses one large pallet as a base, with half a pallet used for the headboard, it's simple, super effective, and gives the room a shabby chic vibe that looks fabulous, plus by making the base larger than the actual mattress it creates an in-built bedside table. You can either use the natural colour of the wood like they have here, or paint it to suit your decor, both will look great.

3. Repurposed pipes

This is a really unique idea that will give your room an industrial aesthetic for a trendy and modern decor. Old pipes were made from far sturdier stuff then their modern plastic counterparts, so recycling old piping is definitely the way to go. You can then connect the pipes to form the desired height and shape, which also makes them easy to disassemble when it's moving time. You may however want to get a professional welder in to seal the joints if it's a little creaky or unstable.

4. Suspended from the ceiling

This is a wonderful idea, it will make a huge impact on your decor, and impress guests. With a pulley system on the ceiling, a gorgeous timber frame is suspended from heavy ropes, allowing you to determine the height of your bed. If you move around a lot in your sleep this may not be the greatest option, but if you love the idea of being gently rocked to sleep, or you simply like to be a little unorthodox, then this is the project for you!

We highly suggest getting an interior architect in to determine if your ceiling will be able to hold the weight of your bed, we can't think of anything worse than the bed dropping to the ground in the middle of the night. This way even if the beams in your ceiling don't line up properly for this to work, they can install special plates so that you can still recreate this wonderful bed.

5. Cinderblocks

This is by far the easiest option on here, apart from heaving all of those concrete blocks inside of course! Cinder blocks are super versatile, you can arrange them just like lego, and because they're so easy to adjust, and to get a hold of, you can make changes to the height and width with no trouble at all.

6. Build a headboard

If you love the creative side of DIY, but are less enthused by the idea of building complex structures, then we've got a neat little trick that will create the illusion of a bed frame. With nothing more than a couple of wooden boards on the ground to lift the mattress up a couple of centimetres (crucial to allow the mattress to breathe) they have used a brightly coloured headboard to make it look like there's a bed frame. This requires very little work to build, but the options are limitless as far as decorating the headboard, you can make a coloured tile pattern like they have here, match your decor, or paint a mini mural!

Remember DIY is all about having fun, so get creative! For more great home tips, check out these ideas you can steal from Malaysian celebrities!

Which of these beds do you want to try? Tell us in the comments!
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