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5 breathtakingly beautiful houses that you cannot afford to miss!

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Every once in a while we come across architecture that defies the ordinary.

Typically, houses all over the world are built to provide security and comfort from external factors. Although built with the same motivations, residential architecture ranges from being highly spectacular to just plain ordinary.  

Focusing on the spectacular, our today's article features five residential projects which are not just visually stunning but also depict how architecture can creatively adapt to its surroundings and utilize its capacity to the fullest.

Without further ado, let's take a look at these five houses which are sure to inspire you to create your own dream living space.

1.The house on the cliff

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd
Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external

Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this design, and more so the courage of the users!

This stunning piece of architecture is a family house built in Australia by Modscape architects. The house features five floors with a garage on the top floor, followed by a kitchen, then a living room, and lastly bedrooms on the bottom-most layer. All of the spaces feature full height glazing to provide panoramic views of the ocean.

Just imagine your everyday morning view from the bed!

2.The camouflaging house

This house designed by Savioz Fabrizzi architects is beautiful in its own unique way. The house is situated in the beautiful Swiss Alps at an altitude of 3256 meters and is cladded with metal panels on its exteriors.

The panels are designed to reflect sunlight as well as the surrounding snow in such a way that the house blends completely with the nature. The primary intention of the architects was to create a house which is 'alive' and responds to the changing weather by mimicking the nature that surrounds it.

3.The house on the intersection

Japanese architects are known to be the masters of building in tight spaces. This house designed by Hiroshi Shoji Architects and Associates is situated in Tokyo on a narrow site which is an intersection of a large prefectural road and another busy city street.

The house features an exposed concrete core and two large cantilevered blocks protruding through it. The space on the ground floor is used as a garage while the living spaces are situated on the upper floors. 

The house exhibits a strong visual presence owing to the contrast between the heavy concrete core and the fully glazed cantilevered blocks.

4.The house hidden in the mound

Rather than demolishing the existing landscape, this house built by Korean architects Just-In House, utilizes a far sustainable solution of designing with the mound and constructing parts of the house below its surface. This way, the built form attempts to form a symbiotic relation with the nature, rather than being any other ordinary building which typically shows complete disregards to its surroundings.

Constructing below the ground not only adds a completely different dynamic to the aesthetics of the house but also goes a long way in enhancing its energy efficiency by reducing the heating and cooling costs that would occur during different seasons of the year. 

5.The urban cave

This house by architect Atelier Nero is designed to look and function like a modern day cave, with internal furnishing similar to any other urban house.

The house is constructed using reinforced concrete ribs arranged in series to achieve the cave-like form, while its top covered with a green roofing system.  Although an age old technique, green roofs are gaining increasing popularity owing to them being highly effective in keeping away the harsh sunlight as well as assisting in rainwater harvesting.

Lastly, the natural arrangement of limestone rocks at the entrance create a visual treat and ensure that the house looks completely organic and an extension of the existing landscape.

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Which of the projects did you like the most? We would love hearing more from you, below!
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