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25 types of fences and walls to make your house more stylish

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 Protection is the main feature that walls and fences must provide. However, in addition to providing security they become part of what gives your home identity and beauty.

 With this in mind, today’s topic will be stylish fences and walls, as we’ve put together a list of inspirational ideas for fencing your home. Whether for an artistic, natural or subtle look, you’ll find an option that fits your home perfectly. Let’s get started…

1. Natural wood

 Simple, low cost, and with a lovely natural quality, this option is the perfect choice for homes of all sizes. However, it’s worth remembering that the wood should be treated to protect it from the weather and termites.

2. Wood painted white

 This option brings style, harmony and elegance to the garden; especially when combined with a matching awning as in the example above.

3. Log fencing

 A simple log fence is the perfect option for rustic homes. The handmade aspect provides a gentler, more relaxed feel while still protecting the home.

4. A functional fence around the pool

 A simple, small fence around the pool can provide piece of mind in homes with children and animals.

5. A textured wall

 Textured walls provide unique character and elegance inside, and outside the yard.

6. Around a cosy terrace

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden homify Modern style gardens

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden


 This white wooden fence imbues the terrace with simplicity and elegance while creating an upbeat ambiance, and protecting privacy.

7. Stone wall

 Stone walls can reinforce the presence of natural elements in the home; great for modern and rustic designs.

8. Vertical garden

Reflected Glory - Holland Park Renovation Tyler Mandic Ltd Modern style gardens
Tyler Mandic Ltd

Reflected Glory—Holland Park Renovation

Tyler Mandic Ltd

 In addition to protecting privacy, wooden fences are excellent for cultivating a vertical garden in the yard.

9. Combination of concrete and wood

 Here the concrete base provides the practical elements of the wall’s design, while the wooden fence decorates the space.

10. Surrounding a Zen Garden

A Zen garden is perfect for relaxing and meditating. In this example, the stone wall was the perfect way to enclose the space.

11. Rustic stone

 This colourful, creatively decorated backyard benefits hugely from the stonewall behind it that blends beautifully with the wooden decking and the small garden space.

12. Carved wood

In addition to walls and fences, there are great options for creative gates too, like the beautifully carved wooden gate above.

13. Wood with more flair

 Simple wooden fences don’t have to be quite so simple, like the more ornate option above.

14. Steel to prevent theft

 This formidable wall will protect your home from unwanted guests, but thanks to the steel bars it won’t keep out the sun.

15. Bamboo

 Bamboo is sturdy, lightweight and perfect for the aesthetics of an Asian-style garden.

16. PVC

PVC is a lightweight and sturdy material. Although the cost can be higher, it allows for a wide range of designs to protect the yard.

17. PVC plus

 In yet another beautiful design using PVC, the geometric composition brings a light, creative and elegant visual element.

18. The classic white picket fence

 If the fence is more aesthetic than functional, then small wooden fences are a good option.

19. Combining wood with brick

 For a slightly more rustic look combine a white wooden fence with brick.

20. Wood with concrete

 Here the safety of concrete has been combined with the elegance of wood; a great option to bring sophistication and security to the yard.

21. Shapes of stone

 In this creative project, the curve design of the stone blocks makes for a more interesting and elegant garden.

22. Why settle for one material?

 Number twenty-two on our list is for those who want to use more than one element to construct the enclosure. This option features bamboo, shrubs and steel plates that together form the fence.

23. A colourful option

 If you want to save money without sacrificing creativity, then painting a concrete wall with vibrant colours may be the option for you.

24. Red brick and varnished wood

Private House - Holland Park New Images Architects Modern style gardens
New Images Architects

Private House—Holland Park

New Images Architects

 In this especially eye-catching design the architects have opted for a large red brick wall as well as a section of wall made from varnished wood with dark, reddish tones. As you can see, they complement each other very well and the result is beautiful.

25. Steel

 Finally, we have a beautiful fence with a concrete base and steel plates over the top. This unusual option makes for a very modern aesthetic.

 Take a look at these facades for more impressive, privacy protecting design.

 Translated from an article by Eduardo Prado.

Which fence was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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