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An Exquisite and Opulent Multi-coloured Apartment

Lily Cichanowicz Lily Cichanowicz
Isabela Canaan Arquitetos e Associados Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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The designers at Isabela Canaan Arquitetos e Associados are the creators behind this lavish and expansive apartment in Brazil. Its unique aesthetic is cultivated through the masterful incorporation of bold colours, symmetry & asymmetry, and reflectivity into the design. The combination of marble, oriental area rugs, and metallic textures makes this home enticingly eclectic and remarkably executed. The lighting is superb as fixtures are woven into the design in such a way that their appearance also adds to the aesthetic. The home’s many mirrors and materials with reflective properties glisten while also further multiplying existing light. The open plan is expertly employed to produce an expansive feel, which adds to the overall luxuriousness of this opulent and ornate abode. It truly does feel like a place fit for royalty. Come with us as we delve into the details of design that distinguish this home in our tour of the GW apartment.

A colour contrasting living space

Welcome to an apartment that is full of colour, surprises and style. With a colour palette that is nothing short of original, the owners have tastefully decorated all areas of the house—from the bedroom to the bathroom—in an array of bold and exuberant colours and features. 

In the open plan living area, you can see the strong contrasts of rich reds and smoky black giving an allure of flamboyance and burlesque. Elements such as the table decorative piece and soft glow of the downlights against the curtain, bring about a sense of lavishness and luxury.

Mirror, mirror

The entryway to this home is striking in its grandiosity. The bold statement of adhering decorative pieces over the mirrors really works in this space by adding symmetry and focus to these floor-to-ceiling looking glasses. The gold walls shimmer in the lighting and the decorative vase stands as the focal point in this corridor. 

We love the ability the designers have to coordinate the gold and white-grey marble to create such a feel of luxury. It’s as if we are entering a palace.

Poits of relfection

The glossy red walls and marble floors shine in the natural light flowing in through the sheer curtains. The artwork on the wall indicates the self-awareness in the designers' decisions in creating this reflective, glistening aesthetic throughout the apartment. The painting itself appears to depict a beam of light reflecting off of a red surface. The dining furniture fits perfectly within the colour scheme of the room. The chairs match the marble while the red centrepiece ties in the red accent wall.

Ornate accessories and cosmic radiance

Moving into the sitting area the opulence continues. The statement artwork fits wonderfully with the colour scheme of the home. Again we see the designers pulling off the combination of gold and white-grey marble, only this time the gold is in the ornate Oriental rug and shimmering decorative stools. The pillows help to reinforce the red and black accenting that we’ve encountered in the dining room.

Illusion of infinity

A surprising change in colour tone takes place in the many bathrooms located n this apartment yet they are all tied to the home through the common thread of pervading marble. In the master bath aquamarine mingles with the marbling. The spaciousness and the incorporation couples’ sinks add to the existing lavishness of the home. Our personal favourite element of the bathroom is that the designers took the theme of reflectivity to the next level with two mirrors facing each other causing infinite reflection through the Droste Effect.

Achieving both symmetry and asymmetry

In the bedroom we see the way the designers play with the concepts of symmetry and asymmetry by incorporating them both simultaneously. The room is almost completely symmetrical save for the different lampshades and the addition of the throw blanket on one side of the bed. These details create an aesthetically pleasing balance of femininity and masculinity in this beautiful bedroom.

If you loved this sumptuous apartment, check out this house in the lap of luxury.

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