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12 things you're probably doing wrong when cleaning

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If you're the type of person that dreads having to clean the house, we understand, and we're here to help. And we've got some good news; you might find that you're making things more difficult for yourself than they need to be, and with a few tips you'll get your house sparkling with far less effort. That's why today we're looking at 12 common mistakes we make when cleaning our homes, as well as how to right them.

Cleaning your home isn't just important from an aesthetic perspective. A tidy house promotes wellbeing and reduces stress, and it's also essential for you and your family's physical health, as kitchens and bathrooms especially can be breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. The tips we're looking at today will ensure you're cleaning your home thoroughly, as well as efficiently, so that your house looks its best with minimal effort!

1. Not vacuuming tile floors

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If you think vacuuming is only for carpet, then chances are you're creating more work for yourself than necessary. While tile floors certainly need a mop, vacuuming them first will ensure you're not just pushing wet dirt around the floor.

2. Not cleaning behind the toilet

Even the most ardent neat freaks will admit to hating cleaning the toilet, but that's no excuse for not doing it properly! You'd be surprised at how much grime collects behind the toilet, so it's important that you always get down and give it a scrub to avoid foul odours and harmful bacteria.

3. Using room temperature water

Studies have shown that even a ten degree increase in water temperature will make a huge difference to cleaning. Hot water better activates the chemicals in cleaning products, and it also breaks down grease and grime better, making your job far easier, so always use the hottest water possible!

4. Not opening windows in the bathroom

This one may seem obvious, but we don't always remember to open the windows. In summer you should keep the window open every time you take a shower, in the colder months you may need to compromise by leaving it open for ten or fifteen minutes when you finish, but regardless of the time of year when it's time to clean the bathroom open those windows wide! This protects the bathroom from mildew and moisture and prevents glass surfaces from fogging up.

5. Scrubbing your shower curtain

Scrubbing or wiping your shower curtain is ultimately a waste of time, it's far easier to use the washing machine. Throw the curtain in with a few towels and some vinegar, pause it midway to allow it to soak for an hour before resuming the cycle, and it will come out as good as new!

6. Using towels to dry mirrors

If you're sick of streak marks on your windows and mirrors we've got a great tip; either use a blow dryer, or simply spray the surface with very hot water and the temperature will balance out, defogging the mirror with no trouble at all!

7. Not changing your sheets often enough

We're all guilty of this one, and it's easy to forget to wash the sheets, especially if you only have one set! However for the sake of your own health it's important to wash the sheets as regularly as possible, at least once or twice a fortnight.

8. Not flipping the mattress

It's important to air out the mattress regularly to prevent it from accumulating too much dust and bacteria, so once a month or so take it off the base, let it air out for a while, and then flip it before you put it back.

9. Using all purpose cleaner for steel

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Steel requires specific cleaning products, all purpose cleaners just won't cut it. So invest in some specific steel cleaner and your kitchen sink will thank you for it!

10. Not cleaning knobs and handles

Even if you wash your hands fastidiously you still need to regularly wash knobs and handles; they attract insane amounts of bacteria and are one of the main causes for the spread of viruses.

11. You're not bleaching your chopping boards

Anytime you use chopping boards for raw meat dishwashing liquid is not enough; it's crucial that you rinse them in bleach to kill harmful bacteria, and prevent carryover.

12. Air drying cast iron pots

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While you're right not to put cast iron pots in the dishwasher, it's imperative that you dry them properly before putting them back in the cupboard or on the rack as they will quickly rust, tainting your food with an unpleasant metallic taste. Give them a good dry with a towel rather than giving that rust a chance to form!

Simple oversights with simple fixes, with these tips your home will be in top shape in no time! For more great tips on keeping your home tidy and saving money check out this article on 5 reasons to keep your home clean without hiring a cleaner.

Can you think of any other common cleaning mistakes? Let us know in the comments!

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