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7 ways to incorporate a working space into your small bedroom

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 In today’s fast paced, interconnected world the bedroom is increasingly becoming a multi-faceted space. On top of that, technology has changed the way we work; allowing us the convenience of working from home, and often requiring that we take a little more work home with us. With this in mind, many of us now require a suitable space in which to work at home.

 A study incorporated into your bedroom’s design sounds like a great way to create a comfortable work space in your home; after all it’s quiet, secluded and convenient. However, many of us with smaller bedrooms will struggle to find the space.

 Well we’ve got you covered! Today we’re running through seven ways that you can include an office in your boudoir, even if you're struggling for space. Let’s get started…

1. High shelves help

 Getting a bit more grounded now, but the little things can make a lot of difference. High, wall-mounted shelving can create more space for desk, or provide a place for your files, books and paperwork.

2. The sky is the limit

 This solution is not for everyone, but if you have the height in your bedroom but not the floor space, then a workspace above your bed can be a great option. There’s a wealth of really cool ways to construct a mezzanine, like the stylish study pictured above.

3. Conceal your equipment​

Stunning solid walnut twin pedestal desk The Wooden Furniture Store Study/officeDesks Wood Wood effect
The Wooden Furniture Store

Stunning solid walnut twin pedestal desk

The Wooden Furniture Store

 If you don’t have the floor space for study and everything that comes with it, then free up some space in your existing storage to house your home office equipment. For example a printer hidden away in a cabinet can still be used, but it won't eat into anymore precious space.

4. Hide the whole work space

Period Computer Cabinet showing storage Style Within Modern style media rooms
Style Within

Period Computer Cabinet showing storage

Style Within

 Building on the above point the entire office space can be hidden away with the right furnishings, like the crafty cabinet above by interior designers, Style Within that completely hides the computer when closed.

5. Make space with a better bed

 The bed is likely to occupy the largest amount of floor space in a little bedroom, but who wants to sacrifice the comfort of a sizable place to sleep? The problem can be solved with a bed that stows away, allowing space for an office during the day and lots of space to sleep at night.

6. A desk that doesn’t take up space

 Sticking to the same theme a desk that stows away or slides out can go a long way towards solving the problem of space. Above, a section of the cabinet conveniently folds down forming a desk.

7. Under-bed storage

 Back to basics again, but under-bed storage can go a long way toward creating the space you need for a study. Storage boxes under the bed can house files and paperwork, or alternatively the clothes and clutter that would otherwise take up the space needed for the office.

 If you’re thinking of redesigning your bedroom, then you should check out the '10 things every Malaysian bedroom needs in 2017'.

Have you got any tips for including an office in your bedroom's design? If so let us know in the comments below!
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