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10 showers that make you want to kiss your bath tub goodbye!

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From the shower tray to the frame, from the lining of the walls to the taps: the design elements that characterize the modern shower can give value to your entire bathroom. Simply due to the comfort they offer, they can bring visual elegance to the space, and if you're thinking about converting your bath tub to a standing shower, we can tell you you're moving in the right direction. The tub-free bathroom is rising in popularity, not just so we can get ready quicker in the morning, but mostly because of available space. With less and less room being dedicated to bathroom space, slim and out-of-the-way showers are free to fill up our homes with trendy functionality.

We have 10 bathrooms today that did just this, and each room brings you a new, space-saving design. We hope you can find more than one idea that you can copy in your home, and don't forget to let us know if you do!

1. Something like a living room

For those of you who do have large bathrooms, the dedication to body care is increasingly taking on the appearance of a true living room equipped with all comforts. This room seems to showcase it well, introducing simple and functional furniture, and small but stylish accessories. The comfortable and practical shower has, among other things, a great location in the corner of the room and it's just the right size.

2. Eastern inspiration

Our first bathroom gives you a dominant Japanese-inspired look. The stone sink, bamboo stand, and wooden paneling on the bottom of the shower all contribute to a calming and suitable environment to heal the body and relax the mind.

3. Special

Customizable designs are available on the market for all of your shower needs, and that's where this one came from. The features, colours, frames, and even finish of this standing shower were all at the behest of the owner. And to complete the pampered look, they asked for a shower head with massaging jets that undoubtedly add significant added value to the whole room.

4. Luminous mosaic

Want to shine bright like a star? In this well-kept modern bathroom, mosaic and transparent glass do just that. The glaze form both shiny surfaces contributes to a lively atmosphere that characterizes the room. The shower was placed in an excellent spot to take advantage of space and doesn't block anything visually.

5. Decorative effects

Home Appia Antica CAFElab studio Industrial style bathrooms
CAFElab studio

Home Appia Antica

CAFElab studio

Colour and decorative effects appear as real strengths in this next modern bathroom with shower. In this part of the room, it reveals an eclectic taste and impacts us with bold red.

6. Rustic shower in the attic

If you think your tub is an essential part to implement relaxation in your bathroom, then this shower will make you change your mind in a flash. The shower shape is that of an open box with low walls, which is perfect because in this room, it allows more sunlight to enter. Rustic decoration soothes us and creates the soft ambience that accompanies all bucolic homes, and thanks to its placement in the attic, there is an extra warmth and calm that comes from being far removed from the loud bustle of the other rooms.

7. The main element

A minimal-chic bathroom is what it takes to get the most amenities of a modern home. Have a designer shower, just like this, pointing out details of style. This standing shower is ultra compact with steel coating, a glass frame, and warm wood to stand on. It looks great and ensures quality comfort on a daily basis.

8. Super modern

In the super modern bathroom, the shower seems to disappear into the background amidst the deep brown tones. A spotless glass minimalist frame helps keep it discreet, and the stone lining and steel shower head make it warm and intriguing.

9. Urban style

Classic exposed brick is the main element of this bathroom, and it even plays its part on the shower walls. Even something  as simple as subway tiles can give your shower character you would never imagine.

10. The little things

Our last bathroom brings in the simple comforts in life. His and Her sinks match the shower basin perfectly, and the slim shower gives off a humble vibe. This is the winning formula for a bathroom and the black and white colour scheme is an astounding concept.

If you thought this list was helpful, then you should check out how you can better organise your bathroom.

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Which of these standing shower ideas will you use to replace your tub? Let us know below!
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