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13 smart ideas for your home for less than 300 MYR

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Every once in a while we all go through the need to renovate our own four walls. After all, our home is the place tailored to our needs and comforts. Naturally, this also means that as soon as our life situation changes in some way or other, so do our tastes so that our home design requires also a change. Unfortunately, many things that we like to transform in our household are often costly and not easy to implement. This means longer periods of saving, waiting, planning and only then renovating. But often small changes are sufficient to create a completely new feeling in your home. So if you want to shorten the time for that major renovation and bring a fresh breeze into your home, then we have some great solutions for you. We have put together 13 clever renovations ideas, which cost you less than 300 MYR! A great idea where you spend less money!

1. Fresh color for old furniture

Small kitchen, big bold colour! Hallwood Furniture Kitchen
Hallwood Furniture

Small kitchen, big bold colour!

Hallwood Furniture

There is nothing like revamping old furniture by throwing some vibrant color on it. Like in this vivid example the cabinet and the fridge look amazingly new and refreshed. Particularly lively contrasts such as here promote our well being and likewise courageous color combinations make the room appear in a completely new light. Let your Interior Decorators give you some worthwhile tips for your home or your furniture. Another tip, don't only paint the furniture but change the handles as well, in this way the the fresh impression increases enormously!

2. Installing additional kitchen shelves

This first example is practical and it deals with storage space. If somehow you find yourself always lacking that extra space in your kitchen then solution is simple, install some new shelves where you can store many kitchen utensils. The shelves have a nice decorative effect and also serve practical nature of having things on hand and restoring space.

3. Wooden doors

If you think of the hallway as the business card of the house, then the front door is perhaps something like the first warm handshake which welcomes you . Many doors are made of wood. They are warm and hard wearing and a classic choice. Beautiful straight-line potted plants also give your entrance a fresh, natural flair, without wasting too much money! 

4. Redoing your floors

Wickham House C7 architects Modern style kitchen
C7 architects

Wickham House

C7 architects

Wooden floors are timeless. Its natural veneer gives our home charm, warmth and a very specific form of coziness. Nevertheless, as anything, they go through wear and tear being heavily used over the years. It is important to keep an eye on scratches, cracks and worn out spots. If you polish your wooden floors on a regular basis then you will save money and time to have to redo your floors too often, and you will keep that fresh glow!

5. New black for the iron fireplace

A good fireplace is both decorative and functional at the same time. On dark winter days it becomes the crackling center of the house. But even in summer it is beautiful to watch and see in your living room as a decorative piece. If you once own a fireplace, you will always want to have one. All the more important is the right care. But sometimes time goes by and the fireplace becomes neglected. But there is always cost-effective ways of making it restore its shine. This dark black color is offered in every hardware store. As such it takes only a few minutes to create from somewhat dusty fireplace an optical highlight again! 

6. Less disorder in the hallway

The hallway is always about first impression. Everything else happens afterwards. It is the calling card of our home.  And how to make it shine? In this example the neutral tones are stunning and against white color mesmerizing. A great shoe cabinet, a stylish sideboard, a plant in the corner, all these little details make an optical difference. Gone are the days when innumerable pairs of shoes were scattered on the floor—or you had to look for the keys which were perhaps in your jacket somewhere. These details are not overly expensive but they do make a difference.

7. Old treasures as new ideas

Upcycling is a new trend which reaches many living rooms today. And what is it about? It costs nothing except maybe some dusting off, each one of us has something old that is quite interesting or memorable, an old treasure like a vase, set of hardcover books your grandfather left you behind, black and white photographs, an old mirror your aunt decided was not nice anymore but fitted so chic in your living room. These pieces are vintage and trendy and above all cost effective!

8. A new ceiling

If you have to budget within your budget, you can always take small steps in renovating. This means you can start saving and only buy then when you have saved enough for some precious object that you have been eyeing for months. This does mean waiting longer but in the end buying something of value which you really desire. 

9. Storage solutions

Tessera Step Cube Unit ASPACE Nursery/kid's roomStorage

Tessera Step Cube Unit


Storage boxes, every mother knows are heaven sent in children's rooms. You can put away all those toys in boxes and the room retains certain neatness again. And your child meanwhile learns to clean up their room when it is easily organised. These storage boxes are also available in all shapes and colors and not only for children's rooms. Whether under the bed for your shoes, accessories, or in the walk-in closet. They make chaos disappear! Small investvment for such great effect!

10. A water filter as effective saving choice

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop AD3 Design Limited KitchenSinks & taps
AD3 Design Limited

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop

AD3 Design Limited

Whoever uses a water filter on his water tap can save up to 60% of water. Corresponding filters increase the air fraction in the water jet and therefore help you save. It may not be a huge renovation idea but it is a great saving idea!

11. Flexibility at all times

Modular Library Redesign Studio Study/officeCupboards & shelving
Redesign Studio

Modular Library

Redesign Studio

You might not be able to afford right now expensive living room furniture but you do need a storage idea which is attractive and makes your home feel right. A clever way to have this storage space is modular systems—like in this example.  A great idea that gives your home a modern new look.

12. Iron cast elements for the front door

Large Decorative Front Door Arttus Classic style houses

Large Decorative Front Door


An entrance door as we already mentioned should be special and timeless. In this example we have a normal wooden door embelished by iron cast elements which give it such interesting optical dimension. We get images of castles, secret rooms or historical films in our head just by casting a glance at this door. It is memorable and it doesn't really cost all that much. It renovates your door giving it that special boost of attention.

13. Professional care for your carpet

And what about a carpet you may ask yourself. Is it really worth it and can it match its counterpart wooden floors? Do you like to walk on plush soft material all year around, or have your child sitting or crawling on something that is warm? Then yes carpet is a good choice and a worthy one. But just like wood, it can get stained and it is a good idea to have it from time to time professionally cleaned. It gives the carpet that new glow and gets rid of any unwanted old smells. But if professional cleaning is too expensive, you can do it yourself by using a cheaper versions of steam cleaners which also do wonders for the carpet!

If you want to read about cleaning ideas please take a look at this specific Ideabook catering to your needs!

Looking to renovate but keeping to a certain budget? Then take a look at this Ideabook and be inspired by 13 ideas to help you along!

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