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20 pictures of double bedrooms to inspire you

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Mayra Lopes Arquitetura | Interiores Tropical style bedroom
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The old saying tells us that there's no place like home. That may be true, but isn't home all the more enjoyable when you have a loving companion to share it with?

A double bedroom is at the heart of any good marriage. It's a cosy symbol of your union and coexistence, so it makes sense that a lot of thought and effort should go into its design. The perfect double bedroom should be stylish, functional, comfortable and romantic all at once. This might sound like a tall order, but it's easier to achieve than you might expect.

The secret? Look to the walls! By focusing on this key element of the room, you give yourself a focal point around which to design the rest of your room concept. Check out these 20 stunning ideas, and make a wonderful wall the protagonist of your dream double bedroom.

1. Walls to ceiling?

Keep the design of your room seamless by blending a false ceiling  with a protruding wall panel. Add a trendy lampshade and some low-key recessed lighting and you're good to go.

2. Blue for you

Blue is the colour of peace, calm, and serenity. Paint your backboard wall a tranquil shade of cerulean and match your textiles accordingly. Chill vibes guaranteed.

3. Whitewashed brickwork

Exposed brick walls will always be in vogue, but not everyone likes that bright red colour. Stay on trend in a low-key way by painting that feature wall white for a minimalist take on the industrial look.

4. Keep those corners calm

A feature wall doesn't have to be one block colour. Use a mid taupe shade to colour your room, then add dusky pink neutral panels to either side. Finally, match the panels to your curtains for complete corner coverage.

5. Floor to ceiling wood

Pocket House homify Rustic style bedroom

Pocket House


Wood adds warmth and charm to any room. Create a romantic modern log cabin atmosphere by ditching the wallpaper and decorating with wooden paneling instead.

6. Make it bright with light

Opt for a neutral palette with a minimal padded headboard—then jazz it up by using a thin strip of LED lighting to divide the two sections. 

7. Padded walls

No longer just for lunatic asylums, the padded wall effect has been a style staple throughout the 21st century. Opt for luxe fabrics, such as leather or suede, and keep the colour palette neutral for a sophisticated modern boudoir.

8. Image clusters

Don't go too crazy with a picture collage—instead, choose three or five related images and hang them in matching frames above your bed. 

9. Entertainment for two

Movie buff couples will love this idea. What could be more enjoyable than popping some popcorn, picking a great film, and tuning out the world together for an evening? Mount a TV at the foot of your bed and turn your bedroom into a cosy couple's shrine to cinema.

10. Burnished, but certainly contemporary

The burnished look is going to be firm favourite throughout 2017, and can be recreated by roughly painting walls with a warm neutral tone. Ask a professional for advice before starting out—this one can be a little tricky to get right the first time around.

11. Natural wood and brick

If you and your partner share a passion for the natural world, then reflect this love of the outdoors inside your bedroom by choosing rough, rustic textures and authentic materials.

12. Mirror image

Take your cue from the ballroom at Versailles and cover the walls of your bedroom with mirrors. Not only will it lend the space a classic appearance, but it will make the room look double the size, too. If it's good enough for Marie Antoinette, it's good enough for us.

13. Original wallpaper

Choosing a wallpaper together is such a fun couples activity to engage in. Just be sure to stay on trend, and try to reach a compromise!

14. Get creative

If either you or your partner is a budding artist, why not try designing a one of a kind mural for your bedroom wall? If you're feeling brave, you could even paint it together.

15. Keep it simple

Your wall doesn't have to dominate. Sometimes, the most simple styles look the most luxurious. Use raw wood and scrubbed walls to create a chilled yet totally chic space of repose.

16. Set-back style

Use a well-positioned alcove to create a stylish sleeping nook for you and your partner… or build one yourselves!

17. Pastels for partnerships

Are pastels really suitable for a shared bedroom? Um, DUH, of course! Colour knows no gender, and pastels are a beautiful way of adding calm, tranquil style to a cosy bedroom. Just remember to stick closer to the neutral end of the spectrum—you're not decorating a room for a baby, so steer clear of bright pinks and blues.

18. A wall of treasures

Every couple brings baggage with them to the bedroom… so why not create a shelving wall and store it there?!

19. Listen to your heart…

… and paint one wall of your bedroom red, the colour of love and passion. This glorious shade will ensure that your bedroom always looks romantic. Just add candles, a vinyl player, and a smooth jazz record.

20. Mix up those woods

If wood is your jam, don't feel like you have to limit yourself to just one kind. Mix it up—put light, medium and dark together to create an eclectic haven of tones and textures.

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Which idea would you like to try out in your home? Let us know in the comments below!
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