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10 small bathrooms that you can recreate at home (for very little money!)

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Most of us know the struggles of a small bathroom. It seems that home builders often slot them in as an afterthought, never thinking for a second that people might want to actually use them. The toilet and sink battle for space, the shower is squeezed into the corner, and not many people have the luxury of having a bathtub these days. When faced with a bathroom this minuscule, it's tempting to give up and just leave it as it is. 

However, your bathroom is not irredeemable. There are plenty of ways to spruce up a small space, and what's more, it can be done on a budget that matches the size of the room! There's hope for your teeny toilet yet, so sit back, relax, and let yourself be inspired…

1. Terrific tiles

One of the quickest and easiest ways to jazz up your small, boring bathroom is by adding new tiles to your shower wall. If your bathroom is all-white without much decoration, like this one, choose tiles with bold colours and eye-catching patterns to add character and life to the space. Tiles are quite easy to lay yourself, but ask a professional for help if you're a first-time decorator.

However, tiles can be a little bit pricey. If a full wall is out of your price range, why not buy a stack of stick-on tile decals instead? They look almost exactly like the real thing, cost a fraction of the price, and they're easy to remove if you ever get tired of them.

2. Dark and monochrome

Conventional wisdom tells us that we should never decorate a small room with dark colours. We disagree! This bathroom uses tiny black tiles across two walls to create a glamorous and modern vibe. 

The trick is to break up any dark tones with white accents, and make sure there's plenty of quality lighting to illuminate the space.

3. A mammoth mirror

They do say that mirrors make a room look larger, and this bathroom is the proof! A simple rectangular mirror stretches the entire length of the room and makes the space look double the size. 

Neutral colours and minimalist bathroom fittings keep the space looking clean and uncluttered, thus adding to the illusion.

4. Unexpected details

A modern bathroom with a medieval sink shelf? It shouldn't work, but it does! Somehow the shimmering wall of mirrors and LED spotlights look even better when directly contrasted with the Gothic mirror and hefty wooden counter. Those supporting chains are a nice authentic touch, too.

5. Small and Scandi

This bathroom is a perennial favourite on homify, and for good reason. Subway tiles never go out of style, and the pure white grouting between these retro ones makes the bathroom look bigger and more polished. 

Unusual monochromatic accents add a bit of Scandinavian glamour -we love that slimline sink stand and the built-in lamp alcove. A picture wall is always a good idea, but be sure to only choose your best shots and quality art prints—no one wants to see your candid family snaps when they're on the toilet!

6. Natural shades and styles

Let nature into your bathroom, but keep it tame. Moss green walls are classy without being overbearing, and a couple of carefully placed plants will make the room look a little fresher. Keep bathroom fittings streamlined, and hang minimalist artwork on the walls, like the pebble photograph seen in the example above.

7. WOW with wood

If you want to blow the budget, this is the way to do it! Step into 21st century style with this wonderful wooden design. It will probably require a complete bathroom redesign, but it's SO worth it…

8. Aurora Borealis

The importance of lighting can never be underestimated in a small bathroom, and the effect it has can be stunning. Just look at this modernist masterpiece. Lit by a glowing counter top, it casts a seafoam green light around the tiny room, making it look like an underwater cave in Neptune's grotto, or the Aurora Borealis at night.

9. Indoors or out?

Take a leaf out of this cabinstyle bathroom and blur the lines between the great outdoors and home comforts. This gorgeous bathroom uses raw wooden paneling and natural mosaic tiles to create a modern rustic look, and trailing plants have been allowed to take over the back wall. It's unique and totally inspired, but might require a lot of upkeep…

10. All-out eclecticism

Our final bathroom doesn't hold back on the boldness! We love this modern take on art deco style. The wallpaper is daring, but the grey neutral tones stop it from looking too crazy. It's grounded by the warm wooden floorboards, and the long, wide mirror is positioned to accentuate the space. This is not a bathroom for the faint-hearted, but it's definitely one of the most stylish we've seen!

We hope you found the inspiration you were looking for! If you liked this article, check out: 10 modern kitchen cabinet ideas.

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