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12 photos of an inspiring city apartment that we Malaysians dream of!

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Today we're looking at the kind of place most of us can only dream of. Well at least that's what it looks like on first appearance with such an opulent and luxurious decor. In fact, aside from its amazing balcony, this could be any inner city apartment, with one crucial difference; the inspired work of the architects and interior decorators.

This is a project full of valuable lessons in making the most of the space available. Clever design tricks have been employed to make it feel even more expansive than it is, while tasteful choices for the decor make this home look elegant, without ever being ostentatious. There's variation between the rooms in terms of decor, giving every new area a fresh feel, but it is all tied together by a shared sense of quality and impeccable design. So if you're looking for a little inspiration to help you turn your apartment into the home of your dreams, then you've come to the right place!

Magical floating orbs

But our favourite lighting has to be these fantastic glowing globes above the dining room table that offer a magical and intimate ambience. The timber table is huge and heavy, providing a fantastic centrepiece for the dining room, while the green chairs look sophisticated even as they introduce colour to the decor. The far wall features a unique wall covering of copper panels, and yet more recessed lighting, as well as a mirror exactly opposite the one in the living room, creating an infinity illusion.

The entrance

When you first step into this home you are greeted by a colourful wall of butterflies, a fun and whimsical touch that adds levity to what you'll see is an otherwise very mature decor.

The laundry

This home has everything, multiple bathrooms, two kitchens, and one luxury that very few city apartments can afford; a dedicated laundry area. While simple in design, with white walls, and little frills, it still has a touch of class in that beautiful timber countertop.

The first bathroom

This is the main bathroom, a luxuriant space featuring a bathtub with a recessed shelf for candles, one of the two showers in this home, and huge mirrors that make it feel even bigger than it is. The decor is soft and warm, with pink walls and timber elements like the hardwood floor that climbs up the side of the bathtub, and open shelves built into the bathroom cabinet.

The second bathroom

The second bathroom features concrete walls and floors, with bright blue tile details giving the decor a little colour. It houses the second shower and an enormous vanity, making this room perfect for visitors.

The third (!) bathroom

The last bathroom is a simple guest toilet, but the we absolutely love the paint job, with vibrant green contrasted by spray painted purpled edges giving this room a funky contemporary feel. The colour tiles complement the green walls perfectly, while some beautiful flowers freshen the air.

The main kitchen

The main kitchen is a real masterclass in contemporary kitchen design, with high sheen surfaces bouncing around light from multiple sources, including recessed lighting in the shelves and beneath the cabinets. It's not a huge kitchen, but a wrap-around counter provides plenty of preparation space, while flat panel cabinets and drawers offer lots of storage to keep it free from clutter. The counter features a timber breakfast bar that matches the panel on the kitchen wall, tying the aesthetic together, and delineating this area from the rest of the home.

The living room

The living room features an entertainment system that is sure to be the envy of your guests. Symmetrical cabinets on each side of the room house various electronics and devices including the stereo, while a projector screen drops in front of the mirror for a full cinematic experience. The mirror also fulfils a design function by effectively doubling our perception of the size of the living area. The decor is simple with a neutral base providing the perfect canvas for bursts of vibrant colour in the cushions and ornaments.

Delineating spaces

The main living area features both the living room and the dining room, which are separated by this gorgeous and tastefully decorated console table. The house is full of unique lighting, wonderful lamps, recessed lighting that runs around the entire room and behind shelves, and spotlights on the ceiling.

Looking out

The living area features glass doors that look out to this home's best feature, an incredible and very sizeable balcony, let's take a closer look!

The balcony

We told you it was incredible! This huge balcony stretches the entire length of the home, and offers unbelievable views of the city, with sliding glass panels allowing you to protect the interior from the elements, or open it up to the fresh air. There are three separate seating options, a bar table with a television, perfect for inviting friends around to watch the game, a set of sofas outside of the dining room, and at the far end a picnic bench that sits outside of the living room.

The balcony kitchen

The balcony even features its very own kitchen, making it the perfect venue for entertaining. The balcony kitchen is just as well stocked as the one inside, with one notable addition, a stunning glass cabinet with neon lights, so that you are prepared for fabulous cocktail parties that your guests will be raving about for years. Everything in this kitchen has been purpose built from beautiful timber, with the grain adding depth and character to the decor.

What an inspiring design, and the best part is any of these elements can be applied to your own home with spectacular results! If you'd like to check out some more modern apartments, we've got ten delightful examples right here!

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