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15 original ideas for creating cosy and practical nooks!

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Whether you've got some awkward corners or unused space in your home, or you just love the idea of creating a cosy little nook for yourself, then today's article is for you! There's nothing more comforting than curling up in a purpose-built cubby-hole, even as an adult. Or alternately you may want to create a space that's completely free of distractions in order to pursue your work or hobbies with one hundred per cent concentration. Whatever your intended use, these fantastic ideas are going to open up a whole new world of possibilities for designing fun and functional nooks in your home.

In fact there's lots of practical uses for nooks, especially in smaller homes where you might be wanting for space. The ideas below run the gamut from loft beds to convenient laundry areas, so you're sure to find inspiration for a project that suits your needs. So join us as we check out these 15 creative ideas, and you'll be building your very own grown-up fort in no time!

1. Bedroom cabin for studio apartments

If you have a studio apartment but you still value your privacy, or if you share it with a partner but you're on different schedules, then this fantastic solution is for you. With an interior box and sliding doors you can create a tiny bedroom with just enough space for a bed and some shelves. This way you can close the doors and shut out the light if you want to turn in early, plus your bed will feel safe and secure.

2. A personal library

This is a really unique use of space, a small room has been built into the wall, essentially like a giant recessed shelf. Inside you'll find the walls lined floor to ceiling with books, while cushions and a rug provide a comfy place to sit. This is perfect for getting a little quiet time with your favourite book!

3. A study under the stairs

The negative space below the staircase is one of the most underused areas in the home. While typically we would suggest that you at least use it as a storage space, this wonderful idea has us aspiring for more! This fabulous little study room has everything you need with a work desk and shelves, but without the distractions of the rest of the home. Perfect for knuckling down and doing some focused work!

4. A giant velvet sofa

This interesting idea removes the need for furniture in the living room, turning the sofa into an integral part of the structure of the home. With royal purple velvet lining the walls and ceiling this sofa cubby is the ultimate in luxury and comfort, and it looks stunning against the hardwood elements featured in the rest of the decor.

5. A tiny house for the kids!

You're kids will love you for this, you can build them their very own home inside a home! You kids will always get a good night's sleep with doors and windows on their bed, plus this is also a great DIY project; you can use recycled timber and build the structure using the bed base as a foundation.

6. Attic office

Attics can be awkward with the pitched roof appearing to limit the possibilities somewhat, but with a little creativity you can make practical spaces that will ensure no corner of your home is wasted, like this cool attic office!

7. Aesthetic storage

If you have places in your home that are simply too small to be turned into living areas then storage is the way to go, like they've done with this closet area. The mezzanine level has a very low ceiling, meaning you're probably not going to be trying your clothes on up there, but instead of just using it for storage the designers have imbued this space with impressive aesthetic value by adding those massive driftwood logs.

8. A child's dream room!

This must be the luckiest kid in the world! The room has a vibrant decor full of vitality and dynamism, but it's that elevated boat bed that makes this space really special. Beneath the bed we find yet another example of cosy cubby-holes, with a sofa built into the nook in the corner.

9. A practical laundry space

If you don't have a dedicated laundry room, then you can create one using a large cabinet or cupboard like this. This way you can close the door when you're not using it, removing the visual clutter. The bathroom is a great idea for this kind of mini-laundry as it should already be a relatively water resistant room with plenty of plumbing.

10. A colourful window box

If you're lucky enough to have a window box then why not make the most of it! We love the idea of using bright vivid colours that will look gorgeous in the sunshine like they have here, making this a really fun and exciting space.

11. A sophisticated nook

If you would like a more serious space to get down to work, then consider using a neutral colour palette, and tasteful decoration to make yourself a miniature office. This is a really good use of this little nook, but if you don't have anything like this in your home then you may want to talk to a professional about the possibilities!

12. Loft beds

This impressively modern home features not one, but two innovative nook ideas! First is the recessed nook in the wall for the work desk, but our favourite is the mezzanine bed. Lofts beds are a great way to save space and get some extra privacy in the bedroom.

13. Making use of the landing

This tiny apartment required a number of creative space saving solutions to get the most out of the limited floor area, such as the recessed shelves in the wall, and using the landing at the bottom of the stairs for a cute little reading corner!

14. Guest room

While a sloping ceiling like this could become a pain on a permanent basis, it's the perfect place to find a little extra space for guests! With a couple of cushions thrown down, and some quaint decorations to make your visitors feel at home, this is the ideal spot for your kids' sleepovers, or those unexpected guests!

15. A little cat house!

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Cats love to find their way into the tiniest nooks and crannies of the home, so if you love your cat there's no greater gift than a miniature cat house! Plus when you're trying to find them you'll know exactly where to look.

No space is too small to find a purpose or use for it, you just need a little imagination! For more great inspiration check out our ten favourite modern apartments so far!

Which of these would you like to try in your home? Tell us in the comments!

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