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10 reasons why keeping the house tidy can change our lives

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You may find it strange to know that order and cleanliness can help you with your personal well-being, to the point that your life can experience a tremendous positive transformation. Though it may sound exaggerated, we assure you, it is not. 

On the contrary, inhabiting a dirty and disorganized space can have negative repercussions in your life. Its effects are far lethal since a negative space affects us primarily in a sub-conscious way, the outcomes of which are only apparent after the damage is done.

Although we realize that it is not possible to constantly treat your house as a pristine sanctuary since a house is meant to be lived, and with life, their will be some chaos. We can always strive to be careful and conscious about the way we live.

Here are 10 good reasons why you must strive to keep your house tidy!

1. Opens the mind

Having an open and creative mind has a lot to do with how the space around us is organized. The designers of this space have experimented with a simple indoor plant in the centre of the room to bring in some much needed energy.

Unorganized surroundings lead to lower concentration levels, and thus limited productivity.

Solution- Generating the habit of being tidy is a good start to open up our minds. In your home office for example, make room for some green space and get rid of all the excess and unwanted papers from your work desk.

2. Improves your health

Some houses are designed in a way that there are numerous nooks and corners which are inaccessible and cannot be cleaned regularly. These spaces are usually the hub for dust accumulation and unwanted moisture which are typically a source of various diseases and allergies. 

Although imperceptible at the beginning, these allergies end up having a negative impact on our daily lives and long-term health.

Solution- Stick to a fixed schedule of thorough cleaning and ensure that every space in your house receives adequate light and fresh circulating air.

3. Reduces anxiety

The feeling of anxiety is common in spaces in which we do not feel comfortable. This is usually due to a lack of adequate natural light or due to the space being unorganized and dirty. If the source of the problem is not tackled in due time, we end up creating a space which sub-consciously disturbs us and affects our daily way of life.

Solution- Create an atmosphere which will allow in daylight and fresh air, at least for some hours during the day. Further, experiment with bold colors, natural textures, and more importantly indoor plants to create a lively ambiance.

4. Keeps stress levels low

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Stress usually stems from the fact that we have unattended material and emotional issues in our lives. To add to it, if we have a house that has objects lying around without being sorted, our stress level increases further.

Solution- To help improve this, you should know how to manage your time, and develop a schedule by means of which you can dedicate certain days of the week to do laundry, clean the bathroom, vacuum the house, etc.

5. Contributes to exercise

Domestic chores may not leave us with the most toned body in the world, but they can at least contribute to a less sedentary life since they require movement and burns calories while cleaning.

Solution- Make sure to subject your body to constant cleaning movements for more than ten minutes a day, this way your body will experience some strain and burnout which would equal to a mini workout. These regular small workouts can prove vital in the long run, especially for people above 40.

6. Helps to have a bacteria-free atmosphere

Often, piling up a lot of unwanted furnishing elements and not dedicating enough time for maintenance leads to bacterial and fungal growth in the house.

Solution- Try to keep the house as open as possible by eliminating any elements which take up unwanted space or block daylight and ventilation.  Once the infected area has been identified, ensure that it is thoroughly disinfected to avoid further fungal growth.

7. Promotes coexistence

The social aspect of our lives is very important for us to feel content and satisfied. Loneliness or limited contact with people has a negative impact on our minds. This living room features a beautiful lounge with ample of seating area for a large group of friends and has natural light flooding the entire space.

Solution- Invest in keeping your house well-decorated and regularly maintained, this way you will be encouraged to invite more people to your house. On the contrary, if your house is not in the best of shapes, you will have reservations about sending invitations as well as people would not be very comfortable visiting your house.

8. Allows you to rest better

A house is a space which helps you unwind and lets you be in the most comfortable of states, without any inhibitions.

Solution- Try to keep your house well-maintained and orderly without putting away the cleaning work for later, this way you will have adequate time to unwind at the end of the day as well as on the weekends.

9. Promotes creativity

Comfort favors creativity. No one likes to work in an untidy and gloomy space. It is not by chance that some of the world's most successful companies such as Google and Facebook have colorful and appealing work spaces.

Solution- Before you work, organize your desk. It is not worth starting a task in the midst of chaos. Further, experiment with comforting yet bold color schemes to ensure optimum flow of energy.

10. Enhances levels of happiness

Home is the place where most of us experience the highest levels of satisfaction and happiness. When you do not feel at ease in your home, it is time for you to experiment with small changes that would suit your taste.

Solution- You can try and experiment with a livelier color palette. Colors and textures go a long way in enhancing the way we perceive our space. You can also invest in ambient light fixtures. Similar to colors, a well-lit space does wonders to the house you live in.

If you would like to know more about healthy living spaces, we recommend to you check 14 cleaning tips for January that you NEED to know

Which of the ideas do you relate the most with? We would love to hear from you.
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