Woodworking: Build your own wooden deck, step by step!

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When the summer starts we all look forward to spending time outside and relaxing during those hot days! A terrace is certainly a definite asset to anyone's home and it is the most popular place during warm seasons. What about a wooden terrace, they seem to be very popular these days and to be seen literally everywhere!

But how to make one? With a bit of woodworking! You can of course contact a  professional or do it yourself. In this Ideabook we explore ideas of how to build a wooden terrace, step by step. You will need time, some money, and above all possess a certain handwork talent when it comes to working with tools! 

1. Working with concrete screed

So we have to start somewhere. Before laying the concrete screed the garden has been prepared. This means delimiting and leveling the ground with a rake. This step is obviously very important to avoid in the future any breakage or complete collapse of the terrace. Once this is accomplished then we start with the laying of the screed, which will serve as a support for the frame of the terrace.

2. Mounting the bracket

After we have laid the screed and this has been completed, the next stage is placing the support which consists of long pieces of wood that will support the terrace. The idea is to gain some height so that it looks better in the long run.

3. Support points

Landscape architects know that the feet that support the wood have to be straight and above all in contact with the ground, otherwise we run the risk of twisting the slats of the terrace. This is definitely an important step! A certain distance must be left between concrete and wood in order to create a more durable structure. This will also prevent damage which the rain and snow could havoc if they leaked into the wood!

4. Laying the blades

What comes as next is the most exciting step at the visual level and that is laying the blades. This is the most technical step since you will probably have to cut slats to the dimensions of your deck. This is what we have meant before when we have said that you need tools and good handwork, while a thorough and properly done work is required. You will also need to straighten some curved blades, something that happens relatively often. 

5. Wood protection

Your terrace is almost finished, but there is still one more important step to be done and that is protecting the terrace. Basically sealing the deal! The products that you use are many to choose from but the main thing is to take good quality!

6. Final result

And there we have it, the finished wooden terrace of your dreams! There are still some minor details to be completed but the main task is at an end! Perhaps some lamps or furniture is what we need and then we are ready for the summer!

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