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18 beautiful gardens and patios that don't have a blade of grass!

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When we say garden, what's the first image that comes to mind? If it's rolling fields of green, then we're about to completely change your perception of what a garden is, and what it should it be. That's because today we're looking at 18 examples of gardens that don't have a single blade of grass! Instead these gardens use pebbles, bark, sand, and a variety of other materials as a base, and as you'll see the results are spectacular.

The tradition of pebble and sand gardens goes back a long way, and we especially think of Japanese zen gardens, but that is not all you're going to see today. In fact there's all kinds of options for designing gardens that are lush and green, without ever having to deal with the maintenance and upkeep of grass. So if mowing the lawn is your least favourite chore then you might want to pay attention, because these fantastic gardens are going to amaze you!

1. Oriental inspiration

This garden takes inspiration from Japanese zen gardens, but gives it a maximalist twist, with several different types of stones combined together in a blend of natural beauty.

2. Timber and stone

This garden takes an interesting approach, using different sizes of stone to differentiate between the levels of the garden, providing contrast in colour and texture. The main patio area is made from gorgeous hardwood that matches the boundary fence, while plants burst from the stones to give the garden vibrance and colour.

3. Climbing vines

With the main deck constructed from timber, concrete, and metal, the designers of this garden have used climbing vines to cover the metal structure in greenery, and complement the potted plants.

4. Irregular tiles

For a post-modern cubist look this garden uses irregularly placed concrete tiles amongst white pebbles to create a cosy outdoor area. We love how the wicker furniture is echoed by the fence marking the area!

5. Recreation for adults and children alike

This garden is perfect for the kids, with a swimming pool set in a sandbox and a play tent in the corner, but it's even better for adults with those fantastic reclining chairs!

6. Chocolate furniture

What a stunning chocolate brown patio set, it looks great against the rough concrete surface, and the tree bursting from the corner!

7. Walls of green

Why have grass when your entire walls are covered in greenery! Especially when it frees up the ground for exotic pebble flooring like they've used in this secret garden.

8. Post modern art

With white plaster furniture that looks just like a modernist sculpture, matched by white pebbles and potted pine trees, this garden is a masterpiece!

9. A blend of natural materials

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent Earth Designs Modern style gardens
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

This home uses a unique blend of materials to form a unified whole, with wicker furniture, stone tiles, and a wooden fence, while a timber path leads to an enclosed space, and also provides drainage.

10. Vibrant colours

Orange and green is a classic combination, and this is a great way to achieve that contrast, with a large bright orange wall covered in creeping vines, and several potted plants in front.

11. A surreal dream

This is a really unique garden, clearly the work of ambitious and inspired professionals. With a contrast of white and black stones, and heavy timber planks forming a pathway, desert shrubs burst from the earth introducing colour and and shape to the garden.

12. An elegant patio

Garden design and build courtyard, Bicester, Oxfordshire Decorum . London Classic style gardens Wood-Plastic Composite Grey
Decorum . London

Garden design and build courtyard, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Decorum . London

This design is so elegant in its simplicity, with earth tone tiles, and a centre panel of timber, while the decoration of pot plants and planter boxes is symmetrical and perfectly manicured.

13. Urban luxury

While the entire patio area is covered in timber, they have laid it around the tall trees to allow them to feature in the design in a harmonious integration of the natural environment. An admirable decision for a new build.

14. Lush hedges

The shrubs bursting from the gravel look fantastic, but the reason this stone garden looks so green is due to the impressively kept hedges; a classic look that will never go out of style.

15. Stone paths

Garden Rooms by eDEN Garden Rooms eDEN Garden Rooms Ltd Modern style gardens
eDEN Garden Rooms Ltd

Garden Rooms by eDEN Garden Rooms

eDEN Garden Rooms Ltd

Gravel and stone are always better for pathways, especially running right next to structures, as grass collects extra moisture, and requires maintenance to stop it from affecting the wood.

16. A play of light and colour

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent Earth Designs Modern style gardens
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

If you want to be able to enjoy your garden even after the sun sets then trying burying upward aiming spotlights in the garden. They will create dramatic shadows, and illuminate the plants. The purple screens we see here will add to that affect, creating an interesting interplay of colour, as well as protecting your garden from the elements!

17. Bursting with life

A lack of grass does not equate to a lack of green. As you can see here, despite that rustic tiled floor, by surrounding this area with pot plants, planter boxes, and vines, it feels like we're deep in the jungle!

18. A lone tree

This fascinating design makes use of an inner courtyard to house a single tree, which grows through multiple levels of the home through a hole in the timber, allowing it to be admired where ever you are in the house. This is a spectacularly beautiful approach that promotes tranquility and reflection.

Who needs grass! There are so many options for gardens it's important not to take anything for granted, or you may miss out on an opportunity for a truly unique design. For more fantastic tips for the garden check out these low cost DIY barbecues!

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