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6 practical tips to make your bathroom so beautiful you'll have a heart attack

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Want to know how to take your bathroom to the next level? Then this article is for you.

The bathroom is an area of the home that requires a heck of a lot of maintenance. Plumbing has to be accounted for, damp has to be avoided, and the design and placement of each fitting has to be carefully considered for maximum practicality. On top of that, it has to be stylish, too!

This is the stumbling block that most homeowners come up against—how to make an essentially functional space look chic and inviting? The goal is to create a bathroom that allows you to move with ease between actions, while also being a space of relaxation, privacy, and sanctuary. If that sounds tough, don't worry. We have six top tips that will get your bathroom looking magical in no time at all. 

Top tip: Once you've settled on a design scheme, call in a professional to make your dreams a reality!

1. Reflect on this

Bathrooms large and small can benefit from a range of reflective surfaces. They make the room look larger, cleaner, and far more modern than they otherwise would. 

Don't be shy when choosing a bathroom mirror—pick the largest, simplest one you can find, preferably one that covers an entire wall. This approach is far more stylish and on-trend than hanging a small medicine cabinet or decorative mirror.

2. Bring warmth to the bathroom

Wood is one of the warmest-looking materials we can work with, and it brings a new dimension of cosiness into any bathroom. It's not traditionally a bathroom material, though—up until a few years ago, wood posed a problem due to it's high absorbency, meaning that damp and rot can easily take over. 

However, modern technology has made it possible to dehumidify our bathrooms in record time, and also allow us to coat wood in a protective seal that stops it from falling victim to mould, decay, and other nasty fates. Use wood wherever you like within your bathroom—but remember that it looks especially good when combined with a modern industrial design scheme.

3. A romantic curtain

Your shower curtain draws more attention than you think. If you get it wrong, you risk upsetting the tone of your entire bathroom, ruining all of the hard work that has been put into the design.

Steer clear of cheesy cartoon prints and tacky transparent plastic—this year, the perfect shower curtain looks soft, sophisticated, and styled—much like the curtains you hang at your windows. This gauzy white ruffled curtain is the perfect example—just look how it lightens and decorates the room without taking over completely.

4. Shelves in sight

Cabinets are useful for stacking back-up cosmetics and medicines, but it would be a waste to hide your fluffiest towels and designer toiletries behind closed doors! Opt for slimline open shelving and display your pretty bathroom essentials as though they're in an expensive spa.

5. A stand-alone sink

Step out of your comfort zone and replace that boring old sink with something a little wild. A marble basin is so much more on-trend than a traditional standing sink, and allows you to install a storage cabinet underneath.

A basin sink is the perfect way to add a little bit of quirk into an otherwise minimal bathroom. Choose a bowl with intricate hand painting or colourful marble flecks to make a real statement.

6. Hide away the clutter

The key to a stylish bathroom is cleanliness. Keep only your most stylish cosmetics out in the open—hide the rest away. Invest in a huge dresser, like the one pictured, which can hide all of your visually unappealing essentials without compromising on design.

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