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10 Feng Shui tips to keep the bad energy away from home

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At Homify we like to share regular tips on Chinese Feng Shui as an art form that aims to provide each Home full of good energy. There are times in our lives that we feel lost and confused. As if the whole world is against us. It is at times such as these that it is crucial that we look for positive energies, to change our attitude, let go of certain individuals or situations in our lives, and maybe to renew the energies of our house. Our home is the mirror of our life, the place where we spend most of our time and where we seek rest. If we cannot find rest at home, where will we feel good about ourselves? As such, we must make some changes and Feng Shui can help in this regard. 

Feng Shiu represents the influence of space on our well-being, be it at place of our work or where we live. From this knowledge it is possible to perceive the positive influences that are present in a space and redirect the negative ones. In this sense and with  certain amendments, we can improve and solve professional, emotional, and health problems. By altering and changing the organization of objects, changing colors and other details it is possible to improve the energy of our house and ourselves. Discover in this Ideabook the best Feng Shui tips to drive away negative energy from your home!

1. House entrance

The foyer or the house entrance of our home should have good energies being the first point which we enter and the last point when we leave the house. Place a mirror, if the space is small to bring the illusion of bigger space, and you have as well positive energy. Beautiful objects and flowers are also recommended in this area since they convey a certain welcome feeling.

2. Throwing away broken objects

Light and bright! CC Construction Living room
CC Construction

Light and bright!

CC Construction

The philosophy of Feng Shui is that we must eliminate all broken objects because they otherwise bring negative energy or block positive energy. 

3. Letting in fresh air

Letting in fresh air into the room goes beyond hygiene it is something fundamental to our living, we need to get rid of old air and allow inside some freshness. Even if the temperature outside is low we should open our windows every day even if for fifteen minutes. The same applies to sunlight, it is a good idea to open the shutters, pull the curtains away and let the sun into your home!

Both the sun and clean air are your allies against the bad energies. Few simple gestures every day that will make a difference.

4. Avoid accumulating too many objects

Many of us tend to accumulate unnecessary things and cling onto them refusing to throw them away even when they have served their purpose or when they no longer fit in our home. We find it hard to let go of these things. But why? In the end they are only objects which can block good emotions and positive spirituality of our home. 

This is why when we see an image of a well-organized house, with everything in place and not too many things laying about, we are left with a calm and positive feeling.

5. Peace Lily

Summer Calla Lily Plant Appleyard London Garden Plants & flowers
Appleyard London

Summer Calla Lily Plant

Appleyard London

The flowers and plants in general regenerate energy and as such as very important part of the art of Feng Shui. We should have some plants in our house to keep the energy on a good level, but if you can, have a Peace Lily as your plant, especially if you have problems with humidity or infiltration. This particular plant does not need as much sun and will bring you good energy.

6. Salt

Salt Keeper Oggetto HouseholdHomewares

Salt Keeper


If you are moving to a new home that was previously inhabited, Feng Shui recommends that you pass a few pinches of salt in every corner of the room. This culinary ingredient will absorb the bad energy of previous residents. 

7. Decorate with mirrors

Do you posses mirrors in your home? Well if you don't you certainly should!  Why? For the simple reason of attracting positive energy and helping to clear the mind. Not to forget mirrors are excellent choice in decoration and they are reflectors of light.

In this example, Interior Decorators have managed to find a very chic mirror which is amazing as a decorative piece above the mantelpiece and it provides good Feng Shui!

8. North

Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom



We should always be looking to the North side in our main daily activities. According to Feng Shui we have to have our head turned toward the North whether when we sleep, work or study. A better flow of energy takes place in this case.

9. Incense

Perfume your home with a pleasant aroma incense. This allows you to raise positive energy and soothes the environment around you.

10. Clean and clear

Regular cleaning is crucial to ward off any negative energy and it creates a sense of well-being. It is important as much as necessary to wash the bathrooms, scrub the kitchen, clean the accumulated dust, to vacuum on a regular basis, to iron and mop the floors. This might not be something we enjoy or look forward to, but the truth is that fresh feeling when everything is clean is a very happy feeling.

If you enjoy receiving tips such as these, then take a look at 10 Ideas to make sure your house if always bright!

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