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6 perfect en-suite bathroom ideas for small homes

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Small homes don't always come with the most ideal structural design. Sometimes one area has to accommodate two different rooms, and although many of us are fans of the open-plan design, it doesn't always leave a lot of room for creativity when separating spaces, like bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Finding ways to style this area can be quite a challenge, especially since no one bedroom and bathroom combination is the same.

If you haven't guessed it already, we have all kinds of ideas for you today on how you can fix that! From the run-of-the-mill designs to the more complex and eye-catching, even the most eccentric among you will find something you like.

So keep reading and get ready to be inspired.

1. The standard design

Ensuite bathroom lit by skylight Neil Dusheiko Architects Modern style bathrooms
Neil Dusheiko Architects

Ensuite bathroom lit by skylight

Neil Dusheiko Architects

Our first en-suite bathroom highlights a design that most of us have to deal with, and that is the bathroom that is fully enclosed behind four walls and a door. Even though this design isn't exactly what we'd call revolutionary, there are hundreds of ways you can boost up your style by doing a little addition and subtraction. If you have an average, boring door, consider replacing it with a sliding door, perhaps even one made from etched glass, or take the door down entirely and add a bead curtain. These ideas are guaranteed to add more interest to your bedroom and make your small area look that much larger.

2. Ever-charming glass

Next up, we have the ideal solution for those of you who have their bathrooms right in the same space as the bedroom. This bathroom is closed off by a sliding glass door. Charming and classic, this design brings sophistication to any bedroom and make your room feel much larger. Crystal clear glass is just one option among many, including etched, opaque, and coloured, just to name a few.

3. Candid solutions

One of the most straight-forward solutions we have to offer is highlighted in this bedroom design. A floor-to-ceiling room divider is all the minimalist home needs to practically and sufficiently close off the private area. And of course these partitions are 100% customisable. Check out the television integrated into the solid part of the wall. You'll also notice the dazzling sheet of etched glass just behind it, which gives the room extra flair while optmimising natural light flow.

4. No division

Some of us love to go bold with out colour or accessory choices, others like to make a statement by doing the unconventional. Here we have a bedroom whose bathroom is situated in plain sight. The room feels open and sophisticated. Glass doors encasing the shower combined with a proper ventilation system means this bedroom won't be subject to steam creeping in.

5. Add something extra

Sometimes glass doors aren't enough to separate these rooms, but the addition of a few stylish curtains should help with that. This en-suite bathroom is positioned behind glass and a support beam. The curtains help to make each part of the room feel like its own. And what's more, you can change your curtain style each time you change your interior design, so you'll always be ready for something new.

6. Playful colours

Running out of ideas to close off your bathroom? Then this room should be a nice treat! The bathroom designers here hung six colourful doors from a secured line to surround the bathtub. The design keeps the room feeling airy and open, while the colours add a festive element that is unmatched by any other design we've seen so far.

If you're looking for more ideas for your small home, browse through these clever storage solutions for small bedrooms.

Which of these designs do you want to copy? Let us know below!
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