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9 things you do not need to have at home

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Is everything in your home an essential?

Be honest with yourself—it's probably not. Though having a stylish and well-designed home is important, we often waste our money and time on buying things we don't need. Worst of all, we have been led to believe that these things are necessary elements of a functional home when exactly the opposite is true!

Check out these nine surprisingly useless household items—just think of the money you could save by not splashing the cash on these things anymore…

1. Armchairs

An armchair is considered by many to be a living room essential, but have you ever thought off giving it up? Sure, they offer one extra seat, but they take up a lot of space to do so—space that could be filled by a two-seat sofa!

Armchairs are cosy, charming and fashionable, but actually pretty pointless as a living room staple. If you insist on having one for aesthetic reasons then go ahead, but if you're looking for functional seating solutions invest in a set of stools or chairs that can be kept in a cupboard when not in use, and brought out when guests come to visit.

2. TV stands

TV stands are now largely redundant. Flat-screen televisions can now be mounted on the wall, so there's no need to clutter up your living room with an ugly, cumbersome stand. Claim back that space and pop a storage unit there instead.

3. A dining room set

Interior designers across the world are all saying the same thing—dining room sets are SO passe. Break the rules and remember that matching dining room furniture only looks good in your grandma's home. Choose a diverse selection of chairs from different designers, and place them around a funky retro table to completely change your dining environment.

4. A chest at the end of the bed

Many people place a chest at the end of their bed to increase storage space, but this often has the opposite effect and takes up far too much room. It also often encourages laziness, and becomes a place to stack piles of clothing and other junk that should be tucked away on shelves or in wardrobes. 

Isolate your storage to one part of the room—your bedroom will benefit from having more visible floor space. If you're still having problems, then perhaps you have too much stuff!

5. Huge bedside tables

Sure, they're stylish, but what function do they actually serve aside from giving you more space to clutter? A small niche or shelf is more than enough to hold your alarm clock, water, and night-time reading material.

6. Table lamps

Bedside lamps are so outdated. Give yourself more room by installing custom spotlighting on the ceiling over your bed, which will provide illumination for reading without being as overpowering as the main light.

7. Large plant pots

Most people enjoy feeling the presence of nature in their homes, but there's no need to overdo it! Large plant pots take up space and cost loads of money. Choose a few small pots instead and fill them with trailing plants that make your home look like a forest. Space-saving, stylish and economical—what's not to like?

8. Too many cushions

Comfy cushions = good. Cushion mountain = bad. Do you really need 15 throw cushions on your sofa? Of course you don't—it looks stupid, and there'll be no place for your guests to sit! Choose no more than five stylish cushions for your sofa and leave it at that.

9. Printers

How many of us actually print stuff out regularly anymore? Printers are expensive, unreliable, and take up a lot of space in the study. Unless you work from home and need to print documents every day, save your money and head to a copy shop instead.

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