6 ways to renovate your décor without spending money

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DIY design hacks, tricks and tips are readily available for anyone looking to get a big bang for their buck! Having very little control over the structural details of your home is no issue if you know how to use key design techniques to spruce it up for the look you desire.

Playing with colours, lighting fixtures and furnishings can give you the result you want for renovating the interior of your home with both minimal effort and cost!

Below we have listed six perfect ways to renovate the decor of your home without breaking the bank—and with end results being of professional value!

Change the furnishings

Changing the furnishings in your living space doesn't have to mean buying everything new.  Think about applying new upholstery, pillows and colors!  Either spruce up what you have or find inexpensive vintage, or antique finds to reupholster in order to give you the look you want.

Most parts of furniture can be changed. Have a great chair with fabulous fabric but something seems a little off? Change the legs on the chair, paint the legs of that coffee table, too, while you're at it!  With plenty of designers and larger chain stores offering so many options at such a small price—pick furniture that is versatile and most of all, mobile.

Pictured here is a simple white room, with a tile floor—but it's a great room.  Want to know why? The DIY wall art and variety in furnishings provides a great visual atmosphere.  Most importantly—the colour palette truly plays off each time! See more home decor inspiration here!

Move furniture around

Whether you're a college student or an official homeowner—one tried-and-tested method of renovating a space is simply changing a room around! Whether you're working with a 10-by-10 dorm room or a 30,000 square-feet area—moving things around, and adding and subtracting can bring harmony to anyone—on any budget.

If you're working with windows or corridors it can be a bit more difficult—and of course we all know that personal preferences come into play here too.  For example, most people prefer to have a bed that faces a bedroom entrance, or is placed underneath a window for indirect natural light.  Once these personal preferences are taken into consideration—remember that smaller furnishings, such as shelves and wall art can easily be shifted to accompany.

As shown here, consider larger furniture at the end of your bed to give the feel of living space in your bedroom, give yourself a relaxation corner full of books and a comfy chair and keep wall art and books out of direct sunlight—for exposure can ruin such items!

Remember—before you start moving things around, take a step back and seriously analyse your space. Envision it in several different ways—and best of all, if you change something and don't like it, it can always be moved back! Easy!!

Find some paint and change the wall colour

As with our first suggestion, wall colour comes in as a close second in one of the easiest and best ways to renovate your home with minimal cost!

In order to fully utilize colour and not feel too overwhelmed—take careful consideration of your current furnishings, wall art and accessories.  Choose a colour palette that works with that you already have.  Another option—look at your first choice of colour and choose a bolder option to surprise yourself.

This bold blue colour used in this example works well with the light-grain wood floor, white furnishings and various leather furnishings and wall art.  Remember, not everything has to match—and choosing a bold colour on an accent wall allows the viewers eyes to play with the whole atmosphere of the room.

Change the lighting

Highlighting certain parts of your home can also create a whole new space when done correctly.

First, consider whether you want to work with natural light or artificial light—then look at areas of your home that could be easily accentuated using a highlight or spotlight effect—as shown here.  This is an interesting example because both artificial and natural light are utilized—with both the corners and the stairwell being displayed under a highlighted effect.  

No matter what your style or colors are, highlighting the favorite portions of your room with easy, clip-on track lighting or smaller spotlights can be an easy and affordable fix to any space!

Stick to minimalism

We know it's hard—but start throwing things out. Removing your home, and thus life, of clutter will do meditative wonders for you body.  There is nothing more refreshing and mindful than walking into a space that is clean, clear and allows for happy thoughts.  

Here, we have shown a perfect example of how minimalist design can be just enough. Leave the decor and bold colours to the light fixtures and small accessories such as pillows.  Let that exposed stair case speak for itself, let the dark-grain wood speak for itself, and let you, in your own home—speak for yourself. This doesn't mean you have rid yourself of family heirlooms and family pictures—but keep them in a private space for you, yourself, to enjoy.  Leave communal areas of your home to function as they are—for communal, group activity areas.  

Keep the colour palette light, keep decor light, and most importantly remember—back to the basics.

Liven up with colours and textures

Last but certainly not least, have fun with the colours and textures in your home.  Here, in this perfect example, we have shown you how!

Chalkboard paint, as it's currently called—allows you to decorate and communicate in your home for minimal cost and installment.  Particularly in communal spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms this can provide a great functionality to the room—whether you want to promote art amongst your family and your youngsters—or make it clear what's on the menu for dinner!  This design technique includes quite a few of our above listed suggestions—it adds colour and highlights an accent wall—and with multi-coloured chalk, it can add colour to a normally bland space.  

Of course, you can consider textures elsewhere—such as textured tiles, wall paper, wall art, or decorative accessories!

We truly hope these suggestions have helped you—honestly there is nothing more limited—yet FUN as decorating on a budget.  It's a position we all find ourselves in at one time or another!

Have you renovated on a budget recently? We'd love to hear some of your suggestions in the comment section!

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