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As the digital age rapidly transforms the economy, more and more individuals find themselves able to work from home, a change many have welcomed. This does however create a new challenge in home design; how do you create a distraction free space that is comfortable, but formal enough to ensure that you are at your most productive? The answer is of course the home office.

One of the other major changes facing modern society has been the shrinking size of homes, and if you live in a small apartment you may already have decided that a home office is too big of an ask, but today we're going to try to change your mind. That's because we're looking at some fantastic examples of home offices in small flats, that prove regardless of the size of your home, with some clever design tricks and a little creativity you can create a functional and practical work space in any home. Now let's take a look!

1. Eliminating distractions

Refurbishment for Cristina & Juan Carlos Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos Modern style study/office
Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

Refurbishment for Cristina & Juan Carlos

Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

This is a really unique idea that integrates the furniture into the architecture of the house, with a unit that drops from the ceiling with shelves and a workspace. The main benefit of this design is that it cuts off visual contact with the rest of the room when you are seated at your desk, without creating an enclosed space that might feel oppressive. If you'd like a set-up like this, then talk to a professional about how it might work in your home!

2. Under the stairs

If you're looking for somewhere to fit an office, the first place you should look is unused negative space, such as beneath the stairs. That's what the designers of this little office have done, and it looks amazing. The enclosed space removes all distractions, but the open door prevents it from feeling claustrophobic.

3. Little nooks

If you have any awkward nooks in your home and you're not sure what to do with them, the designers of this home have an answer. Like the previous office there's no door to prevent it from feeling cramped, and they've also put some effort into the decor, with framed pictures and striped wallpaper, to keep your creative juices flowing!

4. Use landings

If you live in a shared flat, and your bedroom is simply too small for a home office (although we're about to see some fantastic solutions that might change your mind) then try using other unused spaces in the house, such as the landings. You'll find there's more than enough space to set up a desk or two, and shared office spaces can lead to productive and collaborative work environments.

5. Multi-functional furniture

A unit like this has everything you need for a home office in one neat package, so that you can set it up in any room of the home with a spare corner, such as the living room or bedroom.

6. Integrate the office into the living room

If you have no dedicated space for an office, you may find you have to integrate it into existing rooms like they have here, where a console table is used as a work space in the living room. While not exactly distraction free, the space is well illuminated by spotlights on the roof, and the clear delineation of function created by the furniture should keep you on track.

7. Convert the sunroom

While sunrooms are traditionally used as living areas, with a few comfy cushions or a sofa, how often are you actually using yours? Consider turning your sunroom into an office and you'll find you get far more use out of the space, plus the fresh air will keep your mind working at peak condition!

8. Fold-out furniture

If you are truly stretched for space, this is a fabulous solution; fold-out furniture! This compact little unit opens outwards for a work space, while the side offers storage for files and supplies, and when it's closed up it barely takes up as much space as a radiator.

9. Mobile fold out furniture

If your work demands more space and storage than the previous idea can provide, there are far bigger options like this on the market, with several shelves and cupboards, that can also double as room dividers. This is perfect for studio apartments where it can be placed to establish a functional space within a bigger room, and can also be rearranged at a whim.

10. For the kids

Kids need to get work done too! To keep your kids from doing their homework in the lounge where they're likely to flick the TV on every time you leave the room, try multi-purpose furniture like this that turns their bunk bed into a work space, eliminating the need for extra furniture you can't fit.

Nobody knows your work habits better than yourself, but with so many ideas we're there's a solution that will work for you! For more great ideas for the home check out these fun DIY bed frames.

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