7 things you need to do everyday for a sparkling clean home!

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People are generally split by household chores, some love them as a relaxing way to unwind, taking great satisfaction in cleaning and tidying their home, while others absolutely hate them. But whichever camp you fall into, nobody wants to let the cleaning get out of hand, requiring the kind of spring cleaning that takes an entire day, and finds you on the floor scrubbing stubborn stains, and doing maintenance work on neglected corners of the house.

Avoiding this scenario is easy, it's simply a matter of keeping on top of the cleaning with quick and regular tasks that will keep your home in top shape, and prevent it from falling into disrepair. And this is not just about making your life easier either, it's also a matter of protecting the health and wellbeing of you and your family, as there are plenty of unforeseen consequences from ignoring the upkeep of your home such as mould and rot. So join us as we discuss the little things you can do to keep your home in tip top shape!

1. Air your home out

You'd be surprised at how much of a difference a little fresh air can make. Even in the middle of winter it's still important to open all your windows and doors wide at least once a day to let out all that stagnant air, and let your home ventilate. This will prevent foul odours, moisture build up, and the slow accumulation of dust. It will also allow some sunlight into your home, which is always positive!

2. Clear out the clutter

It's amazing how much junk we gather over the course of a lifetime, and most of it finds its way to the living room where it more often than not ends up cluttering the space. Ensure your home doesn't look like a hoarder's den by regularly taking stock of ornaments and decorations and getting rid of anything you don't have a personal attachment to, or that doesn't positively impact the decor. This also means keeping the living room clear of any clothes like jackets and sweaters that end up thrown over the couch, only to remain there until you need them again!

3. Regular dusting

The best thing you can do to keep your house clean and reduce the workload is to keep on top of the little regular jobs such as dusting. By giving your surfaces a wipe down or dust everyday you'll prevent the dust from accumulating to levels that will not only require you to get the serious cleaning supplies out to fix, but could also be a threat to the wellbeing of your family as dust can be a major respiratory irritant.

4. Keep your home well illuminated

Sometimes we just don't realise how messy our home has become for the simple fact that we can't see it! To combat this it's important to keep your home light and bright. The first thing to do is ensure you're making the most of the natural light, by arranging your furniture so that it doesn't block windows, and opening up the curtains and letting sunlight bathe your home as often as possible. Next is to ensure that your home has plenty of lighting options so that every corner is well illuminated.

5. Tidying the bedroom

No matter how many times we were told to clean our rooms as children, some of us just never got the message. Or maybe that's precisely why we're reluctant to clean our rooms, but either way it's time to grow up and get it done! Keeping your bedroom tidy has the added benefit of keeping your mind clear, as clutter and mess promote stress and can affect our mood. Make sure that every day you make the bed, hang up all the loose clothes or throw them in the washing hamper, and give the floors and surfaces a regular clean!

6. Staying on top of the kitchen

It's incredibly important to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean, not just for aesthetics, but also because they are hotbeds for harmful bacteria. The easiest way to approach the kitchen is to clean as you go, and not leave anything lying around. Once you're finished with a frying pan give it a quick rinse so that when you do all of the dishes at the end of the meal there's no intensive scrubbing required. It's also important to make sure you've got plenty of storage solutions so that you have a place for everything, and don't end up crowding the kitchen counter with utensils and appliances.

7. Give your bathroom a quick rinse after showering

In order to stop grime and mould from getting a foothold in your bathroom give it a quick clean after every shower. This means rinsing out the shower, getting rid of any hair or grime, always using a bath mat to collect dripping water, and regularly washing said bath mat, as well as the shower curtain if you have one, to stop it getting mouldy. You'll still need to give the bathroom a thorough clean once or twice a fortnight, but you'll cut your workload in half!

So straightforward and so effective, these simple cleaning tips will make your life easier, and keep your home fresh and looking its best! For more helpful advice for the bathroom, check out these clever tricks!

Let us know in the comments if you have any other great cleaning tips!

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