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Sliding doors are an often overlooked, but extremely effective way to save space in your home. The outward swing of a door creates a huge amount of unusable negative space, which in most homes isn't such a big deal, that is until you do away with it and realise how much of an impact it can have! 

Sliding doors have innumerable advantages. They can be used to divide rooms, providing privacy where necessary, but when wide open they create the illusion of an open plan area. They allow you to use the area immediately on either side of the door. They are also far more versatile in terms of the materials you can use, namely they are perfect for glass doors which don't run the risk of slamming shut. 

But most of all they can look sophisticated and elegant, giving your decor a real pop. So join us as we take a look at some of the best examples of sliding doors here on homify, and by the end we're sure you'll be making plans to install them in your own home!

1. Inset glass

These look like conventional front doors, with timber panels, inset windows, and a classically beautiful design.

2. An opaque divider

This sliding door separates the kitchen from the living area with an opaque screen that lets a little light through, but nothing else.

3. Fun designs

Here a small kitchen is enclosed by sliding doors so that you can reduce visual clutter when it's not in use, but the best feature has to be the fantastic mural!

4. Traditional frames

With textured glass and laquered wood, this is a classic take on the sliding door.

5. Black and white

The simple elegance of the black and white decor finds its strongest expression in this bold sliding door.

6. Recessed sliding doors

While sliding doors eliminate the negative space created by a swinging door, they do require extra wall area, unless they feature an innovative design like this where the doors are contained within the walls!

7. Open plan?

If you are entertaining guests you may want to open these doors wide to create an open space area incorporating the kitchen and dining room, while on cooler nights you can close the doors to trap the heat; so many options!

8. The sophsistication of timber

This incredibly elegant home uses timber features throughout, from the hardwood floors, to the furniture, and of course these gorgeous sliding doors.

9. Triple panels

Almost an entire wall of this living room is dedicated to a large three panel sliding door, and it looks amazing!

10. Completely transparent

You may want to be careful with sliding doors like this, that glass is crystal clear, and we can imagine walking straight into it! However it maintains visual continuity with the kitchen, making the home feel more spacious, and making the most of the natural light.

11. Super modern

These trendy doors are simple black panels on a hidden rack that provide a modern counterpoint to the more traditional timber walls.

12. Walk in wardrobe

This home may have reached peak luxury with absolutely breathtaking timber sliding doors leading to a spacious walk in closet!

13. Chocolate timber and glass

The chocolate coloured timber here looks great against the rustic elements of the home like the brick pillars, while the glass panels keep the room bright.

14. Minimalist sliding door

This thin sliding door features no more than a handle and lock, with the simple white surface complementing the minimalist decor.

15. for the bathroom

This simple white sliding door looks stunning against the powder blue striped wallpaper.

16. Impressive scale

This looks like a regular set up at first, especially with those side panels that look to be built into the home, but in fact it's two massive sliding doors!

17. A chalkboard door

This is a fantastic idea for the entrance of your home, one of the doors is in fact a chalkboard for writing reminders so that you never forget the important things as you run out the door!

18. Dynamic patterns

These doors use different levels of opacity to create dynamic and exciting designs.

19. For the bedroom

The bedroom is a space where you need your privacy, but in a small home light penetration is crucial, and these doors provide both.

20. Simplicity and class

The large metal handle on these doors is all class, while the white tinted glass perfectly matches the colour palette.

21. A sliding sunshade

For bright areas of the home where you want to reduce glare, but not fresh air, try these sliding sunshades!

22. Using the full height of your home

Wall to wall, and floor to ceiling, these full size glass sliding doors will stop sounds and smells crossing between the kitchen and living area, but keep the space feeling expansive by maintaining visual contact so you can enjoy the full size of your home.

23. For the kitchen

The contemporary style of this kitchen is matched by these funky recessed sliding doors!

24. Matching the furniture

The sleek black surfaces of the dining table and breakfast bar seats set up the theme carried on by these impactful doors that separate the kitchen and dining room.

25. Glass and aluminium

With glass doors on this walk in closet you can pick your outfit before you step inside, while the aluminium aesthetic looks cool and industrial.

26. Display cabinets

How did we get so far without talking about sliding doors for cabinets that allow you to display your precious items even as you protect them!

27. To the veranda

Probably the most classic use of sliding doors, and a fitting way to end our tour, is leading to the patio. This way you get maximum visual connection to the exterior, plenty of sunlight pouring in, and easy access to your garden!

There's a sliding design for every door, from your front door to your kitchen cabinets, so don't forget about them when designing your home! For more inspiration on parts of the home you may not have thought much about, check out these unique and beautiful bed headboards!

Would you like to install sliding doors in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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