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Dining room for your small flat!

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Dining rooms are being ignored more than ever. As anyone currently sifting through the property market is sure to know, small homes are becoming the norm as far as inner city dwellings are concerned. This has benefits; smaller homes are likely to go for less, and with an increasing number of young people opting to hold off on a family in favour of a career, they are often more than suitable. But there are also challenges when it comes to arranging your home, and fitting everything in.

One of the first sacrifices tends to be the dining room. Especially if you are in a studio apartment, it may seem unnecessary to try and cram a dining room table into a small space when you can simply eat on the couch, but is this compromise really necessary? Here at homify we would argue that the dining room is one of the most crucial elements of a home, it's a social space where you bond with your friends and family, and sitting down to a meal is a fantastic way to unwind after a long day. That's why today we're going to look at how you can fit a dining room into even the smallest apartment, to show you it's not only possible, it's actually quite simple!

1. Integrate it into other rooms

dining room doesn't need to be a standalone room, in fact even in larger homes it's increasingly common to find them integrated into other spaces, typically an open plan living area like this.

2. Keep it compact

You don't need a giant dining room table to enjoy the pleasures of a sit down meal. A small arrangement like this takes up almost no space, especially as it extends from the kitchen counter.

3. Use circular tables

Circular tables will allow you to squeeze in more seating, perfect for if you have unexpected guests. They also take up far less floor area, so if you're stretched for space, a circular table is definitely the way to go.

4. Using the breakfast bar

Another good solution is to convert the breakfast bar into a more permanent dining area. This has the advantage of allowing you to use the space for food preparation until the meal is ready, at which point you can set the table, light a candle or two, and have an intimate meal!

5. Long and narrow tables

If you only have a narrow space available, no problem! Using a long narrow table will allow you to fit more people in comfortably, without cramping the room.

6. Using the wall

Placing a table in the centre of a room creates a lot of unusable space around it, instead try pushing it right against the wall. This way you can even use a box seat with cushions like they have here that dramatically increases the amount of people you can fit at the table, and also gives your home a trendy, casual vibe.

7. Corridors and hallways

This tiny studio apartment fits a small dining table in right at the entrance of the home. Rather than treating that space as a transitional area or a corridor, they have maximised use by turning it into a dining area!

8. Using unconventional spaces

Sometimes you may need to make some unorthodox decisions in order to find a place for a dining room. While sunrooms are traditionally fitted with a sofa and some cushions, the designers of this home have opted to create a narrow dining room that takes advantage of the natural light and beautiful views out the window for a truly picturesque dining experience!

9. Using windows and mirrors

Retro Chic | CONDOMINIUM Design Spirits Eclectic style dining room
Design Spirits


Design Spirits

This dining room features two clever design tricks that make this area feel far more spacious than it is. First is the mirror on the wall that effectively doubles the perceived size of the space, a classic illusion that's always effective. Secondly they have placed the table by a window. This blurs the interior and exterior spaces, creating a feeling of expansiveness that stretches to the horizon!

Remember the dining room is more a concept than a fixed set of rules, it's all about creating a space for you to sit down with your loved ones and break bread, so don't overlook it! For more great tips on getting the best from your small home, check out these amazing storage solutions for bedrooms.

Which of these tips would help in your home? Tell us in the comments!
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