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Home improvement: 16 barbecue and wood ovens you can build yourself

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Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas Mediterranean style gardens by Design Outdoors Limited Mediterranean
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If you're thinking of installing a new barbecue or outdoor oven, this list could provide you with the inspiration you need. 

Everyone loves a good braai. Let's be honest with ourselves—grilling is a national pastime and pretty much any food can be improved by sticking it over a roaring fire in the garden, so why wouldn't you invest in the best model on the market?

Regardless of your style preferences, there's a braii out there for everyone. Rustic, modern, minimal, and even futuristic-looking barbecues are mainstays on the market, so all you need to do is figure out what kind you like best and get grilling. Here are 16 of our top picks that can be adapted to fit any design concept. Your garden patio will never look the same again!

1. A very traditional style

This brick-based grill has its own chimney and a gabled roof covered with tiles—it almost looks like a little house! Underneath the main grilling platform are two small compartments for storing extra charcoal and wood, so the fire never has to burn out.

2. A well-integrated design

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas Mediterranean style gardens by Design Outdoors Limited Mediterranean
Design Outdoors Limited

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas

Design Outdoors Limited

This outdoor kitchen has it all: A chrome work surface, a modern rotisserie, a cosy dome oven and enough space to store firewood for a whole summer. Who's cooking the first pizza on this bad boy?

3. Decorated with beautiful tiles

This incredibly beautiful rotisserie oven is decorated with blue and black mosaic tiles, which form an elegant Mediterranean style feature wall. The inclusion of wooden furniture and stainless steel creates an appealing medley of textures.

4. Colonial style

This multi-functional brick oven allows you to cook a variety of things at once. Bake some bread, cook up a stew, and grill some burgers—there's enough space to do it all. This one might be a little tricky to recreate at home as a DIY, though—be sure to call in a professional who can help you to build a similar design.

5. Portability

This charcoal grill can be moved into place. Its simple design makes it practically perfect for any kind of patio or garden.

6. Gas grill

Gas grills allow you to control the cooking temperature with precision, and are also far easier to maintain than wood or coal burners. This modern design is basically just an entire kitchen moved outdoors, so you can cook up an al fresco feast whenever your heart desires.

7. A modular design

This bricks and mortar oven has a robust rustic style that takes full advantage of the space it occupies.

8. El gigantico fireplacey-o

This huge braai also doubles up as a fireplace, so it earns its keep on cold winter days when grilling is a no-no.

9. Modern style

This neat little gas rotisserie has two wings that stretch out on either side of the cooker, providing work surfaces and space underneath for storage.

10. A complete kitchen

Take your braai set-up to the next level and incorporate a stove into the design. This excellent example combines brick and stainless steel, creating a perfect place to cook outdoors.

11. Handmade and wholesome​

This cement and brick braai was made entirely by hand, giving it a relaxed rustic appearance. Could you do better?

12. Pure luxury

This luxurious summer kitchen is a dream come true—it features a wine cooler, TV, booze bar, sinks, designer lighting and an elegant braai at its core. It's a surefire way to impress your neighbours!

13. Minimalist and modern

Keep it simple with this stunning stainless steel design. This kind of braai is for the no-fuss family that just wants to get down and grill.

14. Mix up the flooring

Protect your patio and lay some heat-resistant flooring underneath your grill. It's easy to maintain and also won't be damaged by grease.

15. Minimal wood

This minimalist grill is total eye candy. We've definitely got wood for this model!

16. Modern yet traditional

This is the mother of all braais, the one our dreams revolve around. It's got everything you could possibly need; a double sink, large work surfaces, ample storage space, a TV and, last but not least, an oven and grill made of brick masonry, which creates a combination of modern and traditional style that gives a lot of personality to this beautiful terrace. 

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