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Shower rooms that are tiny but elegant

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There are those of us who prefer the more down-to-earth style of interior decorating that involves minimal decoration and calming tones. And then there are those of us who delight in upscale elegance and seize any opportunity they can to harvest this sentiment. But it can be particularly difficult to achieve a sense of elegance in a room that's dedicated to function and not style, especially when you're lacking on space. Of course, we're talking about the bathroom. 

Luckily, wherever there's a home and living problem, we here at homify are ready and overflowing with answers! Elegance in the shower room doesn't come from accessories alone, but also from the materials with which they were built and the features with which they come. So we thought we'd show you seven tiny, yet totally sophisticated shower rooms that will leave you hopeful for your own transformation.

1. Sophisticated tones

Sometimes all a shower room needs to feel elegant and sophisticated is just the right colour palette. Earth tones and subtle neutrals are the perfect combination, adding style without going over the top. Choose from marble, granite, wood, limestone, or glass in soft tones and you can achieve a cosmopolitan and European bathroom in no time.

2. Raw materials

The use of natural materials in the bathroom gives it an unparalleled look. Rich textures from rough stone to the smooth
nature of sleek timber make this space upscale and worldly while still maintaining a sense of vastness due to the differentiating surfaces.

3. Uncomplicated design

White and wood have never looked better together. The combination is loved not only in the shower room, but also in the bedroom, living, and dining rooms, as it imparts a delightfully warm and posh ambience. A transparent glass frame around the shower let this room flow, uninterrupted by obstructing elements like walls.

4. Full of light

This next shower room uses light to its full advantage. With a large window in the shower, natural light expands the feel of the room, and the glass shower doors are what allow that to happen. This bathroom is also the quintessential contemporary design for those who love all things trending.

5. Antique accessories

Something as simple as an antique-style sink basin brings a touch of elegance. This style is more low-key than some of the others we've seen, but it doesn't make it any less attractive, and the iron frame covered by a curtain is one of the most vintage models you could incorporate into your space. Any bathroom designer would recommend delicate additions for those of you that prefer the unassuming elegant style.

6. Stately affairs

The ultimate luxury and a must-have for all you hard-working blue and white collar folks out there is the multi-jet shower room. Anyone would feel like a king in this shower room. Multiple shower jets positioned in every possible angle make you feel like you're bathing under a waterfall, and with adjustable speeds and strengths, these jets are sure to wash all the day's troubles away.

7. Industrial elegance

The industrial style isn't all about grunge and metallic features–it can also impart quite the chic atmosphere when combined with the right materials. Geometric lamp shades and a bronze mirror add subtle class, while the clear glass shower doors add a crystalline and clean feeling. 

If these tiny shower rooms inspired you, then you'll definitely love to see what necessities belong in every small bathroom.

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