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Bed and where to put it in your bedroom

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When it comes to arranging your bedroom, there's one item of furniture that will define the entire room, and that is of course the bed. Where you place the bed will decide every other element of the room, not only because it takes up by far the most space, but because most of the furniture, whether it be bedside tables or dressers, is then arranged to serve that area.

That's why today we're taking a look at some different positions for the bed to help you decide which direction to go in when arranging your bedroom. There's no fixed rules, whether you look at it from a purely practical perspective, or take into account metaphysical considerations like feng shui, there's always flexibility, so ultimately it comes down to your preference and the size and shape of your bedroom. Rather, what we're presenting today are options for you to consider, bed placements that you may never have thought of, or were sure could never work, but as you'll see, with a little creativity anything is possible.

1. On a mezzanine level

Mezzanines are a great idea for beds in small homes, as they open up a whole lot more space in the room. If you have a simple mezzanine level you can place a desk underneath, or you can opt for an arrangement like this where the mezzanine level is created using a large cabinet, giving all new meaning to hiding things under the bed!

2. Circular beds in the corner

If you're lucky enough to have a circular bed then the best position for it is in the corner. The curving shape of the bed will allow you to push it far into the corner, but still be able to access it from both sides, making the most of the available space, but giving your room a unique, unorthodox feel.

3. In a nook

There's nothing more cosy then climbing into a little nook, just like a child's cubby hole. This bed gets additional points for being constructed entirely out of storage options, with the frame made up of drawers, cabinets, and drawers!

4. Arrange it according to the windows

If you have multiple windows in your room you don't want to block them with the bed, but you still want to be able to enjoy the sunlight streaming in. In this room they have strategically placed it beside the tall and narrow window, while leaving just enough space between the bed and the full wall window so that it can be accessed from either side.

5. By the door

This idea is not for the superstitious as it is a massive feng shui no-no, however if you're the purely rational type there are plenty of benefits to putting the bed against the same wall as the door, number one among them being privacy. The main thing is to leave plenty of room between the door and the bed so that it doesn't open onto the frame, but using a bedside table as a buffer like they have here will prevent that from being an issue.

6. In the corner

If you live alone then there's no reason why you can't put the bed right into a corner. This way you are left with as much free space as possible in the rest of the room. However if you have a partner you might find yourself fighting over which side of the bed you end up on!

7. The traditional centre placement

The classic bed placement is in the centre of the bedroom, with a symmetrical space on either side. This bedroom ensures a perfect balance with interior architecture, with a recessed nook marking the beds position, and recessed shelves on either side of the bed for decorations.

8. Enclosed for studio apartments

If you live in a studio apartment then privacy for the bed can be an issue, but by building an enclosed room like this, with an elevated box and sliding doors, you can make yourself a little personal space.

9. In the centre of the room

Probably the most uncommon position for a bed is right in the middle of the room. In a small room this makes sense as you limit your options in terms of other furniture, but if you have a big enough space it can look amazing, especially if the bed is suspended from the ceiling like this one!

10. Beneath the skylight

If you have a skylight then we highly suggest positioning your bed directly beneath. This way you can stare up at the starry sky as you relax after a hard day, or wake up to the glorious feeling of the sun on your face. Depending on your schedule you may need to ensure you have blinds or curtains so that you're not forced to get up at dawn every day!

11. Against the wall

If you're really pressed for space, then the best place for your bed may be in the wall! With a Murphy bed you can fold it up into the wall every morning, allowing you to free up space in the bedroom for other things. For example here the desk is cramped against the wall, with barely enough room to pull the chair out, but fold the bed up and voila, a clear room!

Where you place the bed will likely be dictated by the dimensions of your bedroom, but there's more options than you may have realised! For more bedroom tips, check out this article on creating a workspace for yourself!

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