12 mistakes we always make in small homes!

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Small homes have become a fact of life for most of us these days. With people flocking to urban centres, putting pressure on the property market, homes have shrunk in size to accomodate the demand. For many this isn't such a big problem, as people are also increasingly living alone, or opting to hold off on having children, but that doesn't mean it's without its challenges. In fact when it comes to designing a small home there are all sorts of traps and pitfalls, and today we're going to talk about them in the hopes that you never make these mistakes yourself!

Whether it's colour choices, furnishing, or practical considerations like storage, all too often we figure out the mistakes we've made too late in the game to feel like we can do anything about them. But don't worry, while it's definitely better to catch these errors early on so that you can avoid them entirely, there's lots of simple changes you can make in your home to right these wrongs, so join us as we give you the know-how and the motivation to get the most out of your small home!

1. We don't integrate spaces effectively

If you have a small home chances are you're employing an open plan approach to the living area, including the dining room and living room in one space. While it can be tempting to separate these areas as much as possible, another interesting approach is to integrate them stylistically with a unified theme, matching furniture, and a shared colour palette, allowing the spaces to interact with each other.

2. Using standard furniture

One of the major challenges we face with small homes is getting furniture that is appropriate for the space; you can be hunting for months for the perfect piece only to find it doesn't even fit! Instead opt for custom furniture that is measured and designed to your needs. This piece features two bunk beds, as well as cabinets and drawers, the perfect piece of multifunctional furniture, and as you can see it is not only perfectly measured to the room, the light timber also matches the hardwood floors! Just talk to a professional about what's right for your home.

3. Not considering how light affects spaces

If you do prefer to separate your room by function, consider the role light plays. The screen used to mark the dining room here not only cuts off visual contact, it also blocks excess light from the living room for a more intimate ambience at the table.

4. Not making the most of the height of the room

If your room is small, but it features a high ceiling, consider using the full height of the room by creating a mezzanine or loft level in your apartment. This will allow you to use the space directly below, and if you use it for the bed like they have here you free up a huge amount of floor space.

5. The TV can be functional too!

Televisions are often an afterthought in interior design, but in this studio apartment they have placed it in a console table which also serves to functionally separate the kitchen, integrating the television into the form of the home!

6. Not enough storage options

Storage is one of the biggest challenges in a small home as big heavy cabinets and dressers are often too unwieldy to work without cramping. Instead you have to get a little creative like they here where they have elevated the bed with a platform of drawers that provides storage as well as functioning as a box seat! The bike rack is another great idea, keeping it off the ground so it doesn't present yet another obstacle.

7. Ignoring the functional possibilities of curtains

If room dividers are too heavy and awkward to work in your home, curtains will do just as good a job, plus they are extremely versatile form a design perspective; you'll always be able to find a fabric that suits your decor perfectly. Heavy fabric will even serve to block some of the sound from the next room!

8. Being too conservative with the decor

When people think about decorating small homes they tend to opt for minimalism, but that doesn't mean it has to look boring! Even a small home is worth beautifying, so introduce some colour and patterns like they have here; the oranges and exotic prints look stunning!

9. Not making use of natural light

Natural light is crucial for every home, and no matter how small your windows might be it's important to make the most of it. The best way to do this is with a light decor that will reflect the light rather than absorbing it, keeping your home bright and fresh!

10. The space under the bed

While we certainly don't recommend simply stuffing things under the bed as you'll never be able to find what your looking for when you need it, the space below the bed can be used in a practical and convenient way by using it for shelves and drawers. Remember multifunctional furniture is your best friend in a small home!

11. Not using the corners

In a small apartment every inch of free space has to be used, and that doesn't just mean a piece of furniture, the designers of this home have fit a whole kitchen into that corner nook!

12. Forgetting about folding furniture

Not long after America first started introducing apartment living the amazing Murphy bed was invented, a bed that could fold up into the wall and disappear during the day, only to be pulled out at night. This space saving design was a lifesaver, especially for people in apartments that were barely big enough for a bed in the first place. The designs have since been modernised and improved resulting in fantastic pieces like this, that when folded up becomes a sofa! 

Well we think we've proved that a small home doesn't have to be a cramped home, nor do you have to sacrifice on style! For something a little different, check out this article on some of the most spectacular homes we've ever seen!

Have you made any of these mistakes? Tell us in the comments!

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